Saturday, July 21, 2007

This is what happens when I procrastinate

Sooo, yesterday afternoon I was thinking: "I have to finish up the cookbook or I'm going to have to pay another monthly fee to pay AND I have to start back to work next week so I'm going to need to be getting the house clean before I'm back full closet is a mess and I might need to organize it before I have to locate and start wearing grown up clothes again, AND since Jackie and Scott are coming in next week and I'm going to want to spend time with them I better get it done now, NOT to mention I have NO lesson plans or activities for my students remotely ready and school starts in TWO WEEKS! But INSTEAD why don't I spend my time making some more aprons that I really don't need and Ooooh! I should try making a monster while I'm at it!"
And yes, all those thoughts came at once. Scary. Even scarier, the monster that I made. This is "Reg" from Plush-O-Rama, I'm new to this so I'm not sure if he's a plush, a softie or what the cool crafters are calling stuffed toys these days. Maybe someone will read this and enlighten me. In the meantime, I call him Ozzie Nelson. As far as monsters go and since I've never attempted anything like this, I guess this guy was pretty easy to make. There was no actual pattern in the book. So I looked at the photo, drew out the pattern pieces and followed the directions for putting him together. I had some trouble sewing on the outside arm and getting it look right but the hardest part was getting his eyes on. They are little felt circles which had to be zigzaged around. I felt like I was fighting my machine the whole time! But really, those eyes DO make Ozzie Nelson appear more monster-y, dontcha think! I can see why people get into creating these softies/plush things! Maybe I'll even get to the point where I can design my own creations! I must admit that once I turned him inside out and saw my "creation" pre-stuffing. I got all tingly and excited--Dr. Frankenstein must have felt the same way. "It's a-LIIIVE!"

This is what happens when I procrastinate! Now, I'm off to clean house and work on the cookbook. Seriously. No, seriously, I am!


J. Shea Stanley said... AWESOME!!!

Kellie said...

Thanks! I want to sit down and make ten more right now. Don't know what in the world I need with ten monters... BUT I think I HAVE to make Harriet to go with him. I'll make you one...should I make one for Ripley to eat? Ha!

keely said...

i love these! make a whole bunch.
better yet when you get the hang
of everything,you can teach me.

keely said...
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Liz said...

Very cute!

I just made Bipolar Llorie from that book the other day. ABout the missing pattern pieces. I e-mailed the guy who made Llorie since those pattern pieces were also missing. He sent them to me in a PDF file but what kills me is he said when he first got the book he noticed "a lot" of patterns were missing.

Kellie said...

Whoops! KEELY--You're comment went up twice by mistake, so that's why it says "removed". I promise I wouldn't delete your comment on purpose! :)

LIZ--Thanks for info. I'll have to see if I can come up with more of those missing pattern pieces myself. And I plan to take a peek at your Llorie if you've posted one!

Monique said...

That is sooo cute! I wish I could sew, but honestly my basic curtains made out of bedsheets is the best I can do. Maybe some day I'll check out the book and try my hand at one though. Good luck with your sewing!