Friday, July 27, 2007

Would you be surprised if I told you this was absolutely worthless? ....Nah

Mark and I are off to the Antiques Roadshow in the morning! Even though we don't have anything around our house that is remotely valuable, we're still pretty excited. I think it'll be fun. I'm taking a Native American mortar and pestal (sp?) that was given to me as a gift. Mark is taking some junky old swords.

It's going to be hard, but we will TRY not to those people in the background Brian Regan jokes about in this clip. I said try, no promises, folks...who knows what we'll do when we see those cameras! Hopefully we won't embarrass our families!


Kristiem10 said...

That clip was hilarious. Well, have fun and return and report.

Kellie said...

We had a ball at the Roadshow, although our treasures will not make us rich! My report has been blogged!

Brian Regan is my favorite comedian...if you haven't you should check out his I Walked On The Moon DVD! Funny Stuff!