Friday, December 12, 2008


I went a little crazy this year and spent more money than I should have on Christmas Cards. Vintage 50's Christmas cards, to be specific.

It' Mark's fault. He brought some home from Goodwill. I fell instanly in love w/them. Then I snagged a stack(minus envelopes) at a flea market. Ever obsessive, I bought a set still in the package on Ebay(with envelopes!).

They are darlin'! I realized today that Vintage Thingies Thursday is alive and well, so I'll save most photos of them for next week. But I'll give you a peek at a few of them...I love them. The sentiments are not too gushy and not too snarky, but just perfect! And the fonts are gorgeous. OK, reading that last sentence, I realize that only a true geek would gush over a font. Sheesh. But am I wrong?Here is my dilemma. I don't think I can bear to mail them! Is that insane or what? They're just so wonderful and such a fun piece of the past that I don't know that I want to part with them, but I certainly don't need more stuff junking up my house. But what if I mail them to someone who *gasp* throws it away after Christmas? I can't stand the thought.

Crazy, I know. Certifiable even.

What would y'all do?


Misty said...

mail them *only* to the ppl you know won't throw them away, and buy some pretty and inexpensive cards for the ones that will hit the can or recycling bin???
just a thought... those are some very darling cards, tho!! look at those funny r's on that last one!!

Amy said...

I don'tknow, I'd probably put them in a safe drawer and forget all about them, I wouldn't want to use them though.

Patty said...

I would keep them.