Sunday, December 7, 2008

Two Christmas Trees and a Birthday

The week of Thanksgiving, after much aggravation w/it falling over(twice) and having to buy a new tree stand, I got the first of my two Christmas trees up. Last year I waited till the week before Christmas to put just one up. I'm feeling ahead of the game Christmas-Spirit-wise. Gift wise, I'm SO behind...note the complete absence of gifts beneath the tree.

On to tree number two. I have wanted an aluminum 50's tree for as long as I can remember.

Knowing my love of all things vintage and kitschy, a lady at work offered me a 7 footer that had been sitting in her attic for years. Of course I jumped at the offer! I'm only slightly embarrassed to tell you it's been in the back end of my Jeep since Spring.

However, it's currently standing happily in a corner of my bedroom! Had I realized how big it was going to be, I'd have put it in the living room and the white one in the bedroom. Still, I must admit it looks fabulous right where it is! Don't you agree?

And now I am on a quest to find the perfect tree skirt...or fabric to make the perfect tree skirt. That big base that needs covering holds what used to be the inner workings of a rotating tree no longer rotates, but I can live with that!

The photos really don't do it justice.
I think I'm in love.And on hand to help me put up this delightful piece of Christmas past? The whole family. They'd come down for a Birthday lunch for Mom.A perfect way to end a terrific afternoon!

Happy Birthday Mom!


Amy said...

Such pretty trees! And that cake - yum!

Anonymous said...

You have the BEST taste in decorating!! You are my decorating HERO!

Gorgeous, absolutely sublime.

I'm gushing.

Happy Birthday Kellie's Mom!

Misty said...

the lady on the far left in the whole family picture is holding a cat... a Mia cat, in our house! :) lovely trees! and can i just say how much i love cake, and how seeing that snowman cake made me want to go out to the store and buy a petite cake for myself. yum. oh, and i got the apron, the TY card is in the mailbox... take care!

Kellie said...


...That's no lady, that's my husband! snort! He needs a haircut badly! ROFL!

Birdie said...

yes Happy B-day to your mom *s* I LOVE your tree! Do you know how much extra gas you used having that in the back of your car??? *L* anyway it's awesome. Reminds me of my grandmother's. You can use an old white sheet to cover the base til you make yours. That's what I use every year! I'd love a photo tour of your house with all it's neat vintage goodies. A vid even!

Patty said...

Oh, a photo tour of your house would be great. I vote for that too. And a belated Happy Birthday to your mom!

The Shabby Princess said...

What a cute cake!! Love the trees. i don't even have a single tree. We were supposed to pick one out tonight, but, noooo, I"m being a "good person" and picking up a friend at the airport instead. Hmph, why does being a good friend interfere with my holiday spirit attempts??

Yarni Gras! said...

love the trees!

Shell said...

I have always hated white and silver trees, but yours are beautiful. My opinion has been changed! Merry Christmas! Enjoy your beautiful trees!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mark has rock 'n roll hair in that picture! ROCK ON!!! It looks awesome. :-)

.....I'm a dork.