Saturday, January 10, 2009

As if I need more books and fabric.

I went on an online shopping spree last week and bought more fabric to add to my ever growing stash of fabric that I don't really need and can't bear to cut into. Sick and twisted, yes.

This may be the hardest fabric to cut yet and I have no idea what to make from it. I was thinking aprons when I bought it, but can you imagine a patchwork-y skirt! It's Heather Bailey's Pop Garden and it is GORGEOUS, y'all. The best part, it was on sale for cheap at Hancocks of Paducah.I also got a great deal on this quilt kit from Moda. It had been originally 88 bucks or something near that and it was on clearance for 39.00! I couldn't resist it. Here's a better look at the quilt pattern. These Swell fabrics by Moda are just as lovely as the Heather Bailey fabrics. If I make this quilt and it turns out OK, I am seriously thinking about changing my entire great room decor to go with it. I love the colors/fabrics that much.My addiction to craft books is nearly as bad as my fabric addiction. These are my latest fixes. I love the projects in both and have already picked out several that I want to try!Of course there are several projects in the twenty other craft books I have laying around that I want to try.

Hey...instead of collecting craft books, I could actually MAKE something from them! Such a novel idea! I should do a project from each of my craft books until I've gone through the entire stack. Hmmmm. I should do it, no?


Angela Yosten said...

Just found your blog through Google alerts... great blog! I understand the whole collecting craft books. I have that illness myself. I have the Seams to Me book as well.... isn't it wonderful? Oh... and Swell... love this collection. You will also have to check out a new collection by the Urban Chiks for Moda called Sweet. It coordinates well with swell. Sweet will hit the stores in February.

Domestic Chicky said...

Psh-I totally could have written this myself. The AMH book is awesome - as is the Amy Butler, the Amy

Anonymous said...

Oooh yes, a patchworky skirt would be awesome with those fabrics! Perfect for spring/summer.
You got some pretty stuff!