Saturday, January 3, 2009

Un-Resolutions for 2009

I have a subscription to Real Simple magazine. Despite the fact that when I browse through it's pages I sometimes feel like I have a complete sloppy mess of a life, I love this mag. I find it very inspiring and somehow calming.

Quite frankly I fantasize believe that simply having a copy laying on my cluttered coffee table will at some point magically transform my home into a shiny, gleaming, perfectly decorated cottage where everything has a place and everything is in said place. In addition, the fact that I am a subscriber will magically transform me into an organized, healthy, budget savvy, snazzily dressed but minimally make-uped, green, crafty and otherwise "real simple" kinda gal.
Therefore, rather than painstakingly read, study and take notes of each article, I merely gloss over the pages and read one or two of the articles before I blow the dust off last month's copy and replace it with the shiny new copy. Because, I know the magic will happen, eventually.

As I was glossing over this months articles I came across a Not-to-Do list. Rather than listing resolutions for the new year that may or may not be met, the mag asked readers to submit things that they would not be doing in the new year.


Being one to never stick to new year's resolutions, I decided that what I need is a not-to-do list of my own! Un-resolutions, if you will.

And so in 2009 I resolve NOT to:
  • Go on another stupid diet. I'm tired of it, you're tired of it and we all know I won't stick with it. So there. I can eat less and I can exercise more but I will NOT be announcing to anyone that I'm going on a diet this year. Man, I feel better already!
  • Be bored when I'm at home.
  • Fuss at Mark for taking out the trash/doing the dishes/making the bed in a way that I wouldn't. If he does any of those things, even if he does them"wrong", I'll be appreciative.
  • Worry about things I have no control over when prayer works much more effectively.
  • Be so hard on myself about things that don't really matter in the big picture.
  • Spend so much time thinking about what I have to do "tomorrow".
  • Forget how truly blessed I am


Patty said...

I like your list. And, you changed your blog and check out that Facebook badge! I need one of them. I read two issues of Real Simple at the doctor's the other day. I was so tempted to tear out a recipe from one of them. Would you happen to still have the January 08 one?

Anonymous said...

My aunt and uncle don't have a coffee table, never have in 20+ years. And I always think "Where will they put the stacks of newspapers waiting to recycle?" Oh in the recycling bin? So new to me. I must try leaving a copy of Real Simple lying around and see if it helps me too :-)

Misty said...

kellie i love the idea of un-resolutions!! i'm notmaking any this year anyway, as i'm still working on my 101 list, but i would do so much better at NOT doing stuff than beating myself up for not doing what i was supposed to. ok, that might have been confusing! anyway, here's to a great new year and a good perspective to start it off with!! happy new year!

Mel said...

For my new year's resolutions, it is now the same every year. Try new things and have fun. I succeed every year. One year I tried parasailing for my birthday. Another year I took tennis lessons. This year, one of the things I'm doing is trying new foods and recipes. People really stress about making themselves over this time of year, and with that kind of pressure, it's easy to see why people don't always succeed. And I too have a subscription to Real Simple. Love it!!

Anonymous said...

You're wonderful. I like your non-resolutions.

I had to stop reading Real Simple. I felt like a nasty hag each time I read it. I have issues.