Tuesday, January 20, 2009


If I spend as much time quilting as I have surfing flickr for photos of quilts and googling for Scotty Dog and Robot quilt block patterns, I might actually have a quilty year.

Still, these are the kinds of quilts I'm sort of drawn to and would like to make. I've already made known my love of 30's fabrics, but I also am drawn to modern styles. I have thing for log cabins and pinwheels and someday I will make a quilt using those.

And I must make a Scotty dog, a robot, and a sunbonnet sue quilt as well...

1. Henry Quilt Finished, 2. Emma's Baby Quilt, 3. completed turning 20 quilt, 4. heather bailey rag quilt2, 5. Birds & Blooms baby quilt, 6. scrap 9 patch, 7. sunbonnetsuequilt, 8. Spots quilt top, 9. mini quilt, 10. Baby quilt , 11. Exotic, 12. Whirlygiggles Quilt Top, 13. scottie quilt from threadheads, 14. bird quilt, 15. hourglass quilt, 16. Hanging Quilt, 17. Pinwheel Quilt II, 18. Finished Cherry Quilt, 19. DQS5, 20. For Zeke

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Juddie said...

Yes yes yes! I'm exactly the same! - If only I spent as much time actually sewing as collecting beautiful inspirational pictures....!

I love the selection you chose for this post.

Misty said...

i want 1, 2, 6, and 8... most especially 8 tho that's b/cs of the colors!! oh and the bird one at the bottom
i have a quilt square.. i'll finish it one day!

Patty said...

I vote for the Scottie dog quilt. Do that one!