Sunday, January 25, 2009

Loafin' around on a Sunday afternoon

Have you seen this book? I bought a copy for my brother for Christmas and after seeing( yet to taste) the loaves of bread he made and hearing the rave reviews, I had to have a copy for myself.

And I'm so glad I did! I've only made two loaves so far. The first loaf turned out, well, ugly. It didn't rise much either....still, it tasted pretty good. The second loaf turned out much better!
After a couple days in the refrigerator the dough was easier to work with, it did better rising, and the flavor even improved!
Even though the book explains the process in detail and in such a way that even a kitchen doofus such as myself gets it, I'm still slightly shocked that I made a loaf of tasty homemade bread without much effort.

The loaves I've made so far were from the basic and least complicated of the recipes, but the others don't appear to be overly complicated. However, I am going to keep working on perfecting this basic recipe before I move on to any of the others. It's good, y'all. Crunchy crust and chewy inside...just the way I like it.

There's a related blog and I intend to spend some time there getting tips and additional recipes.


Angie said...

This bread is SO good! I got the book last year, and I really love it!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is raving about that book and I can't find it here!
Have you seen the recipe for WHO Bread by Soulemama. When it's warm it smells like hot cross buns. So heavenly!

Yarni Gras! said...

I'll have to find that book.......I use one called 'Paul Hollywood's 100 great breads'
It also has some great recipes that aren't overly complicated. My hubby bought it for me at B and N/

THE ESSESS said...

Yum I love hot fresh home baked bread! Wish I had time to make some! Yours looks yummy..

The Shabby Princess said...

Can I come over and have some, please???

Patty said...

I want that bread! I'm going to try that New York Times no-knead bread recipe -- the oen that has to rise for 12-20 hours -- as soon as I get more flour.

I just read your FB message and checked the clock and then wondered why you weren't at work. Duh, Patty, maybe because it's Saturday.