Sunday, December 13, 2009

And She Quilts (well, sorta)

I came across the Block Party! blog just the other day and I immediately knew I had to join in! The gals over at the Block Party are starting a very free-to-go-with-the-flow-do-your-own-thing quilt along. They're posting quarterly blocks and variations on those blocks. Those playing along post their interpretation of these blocks in the Block Party Flickr page. It's going to be fun to follow along and I love how relaxed the whole thing is! The first block is a friendship star, and there's plenty of time for you to jump in. So jump already!

While I was on the Block Party Flickr page I discovered there was a quilting bee going on as well, so I've signed up for that! The brave hostess of this (plus another) quilting bee resides sure and check out her adorable Four Square Bag tutorial.

Speaking of quilting, I'm also still plugging along in the swap I joined here. I never heard back from my Oct. partner, so I guess she was less than thrilled with her log cabin blocks. Or perhaps she just has a gazillion other things going on and quilt blocks are the least of her worries. This is from my Nov. partner and it is really cool, so it kinda makes up for not getting a block in Oct.
And this is the block I made for my December partner. She requested blue, purple and green batiks. I could find no FQs that fit the bill locally, so I decided on one piece of batik that had each of those colors in it. I think it turned out quite nicely. I hope she liked it.

I think the combination of these three groups may just be the push I need in the creativity/quilty direction! I miss being crafty and regret starting to quilt, slacking off, restarting and slacking off once more. I needed this little kick in the pants! Bring it on!

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Birdie said... That batik is GORGEOUS!!!! BTW, what on earth do you do with all these single squares?? Make some kind of crazy quilt?