Sunday, December 27, 2009

Let's do Lunch...Bag.

A while back, I decided to make a new lunch bag. It turned out to be big enough to hold a small apple and perhaps a very thin slice of cheese. It's blogged here.

On Wednesday, my sister came up and we had a girls sewing day. Besides having a great time hanging out with my sis, I managed to make another bag using the leftover fabrics from that teeny tiny Friendship Bag. This one is actually big enough for a sandwich and chips and I had plenty of fabric left to make a cute little matching napkin. I enjoyed this one because it gave me a little quilting practice to boot! I even tried some free motion quilting(don't look at it, it's weird) on the bottom portion.I'm not finished with lunch bags yet, though. I definitely want to make one using these fabrics.My sister used this FQ bundle to make hers and it was adorable. Besides, I still haven't perfected this lunch bag thing...the size is never quite right...and the lining??? HOW do you keep from having floppy linings? Stiff interfacing?Because Jackie and I sew in the kitchen when she comes over, I managed to get my sewing corner organized before I brought the machine back in. I love when it doesn't look like the fabric and craft store threw up! And I said I organized the corner...I never said I swept the floor!
That's it for now...ok, where did I leave that Swiffer?


Anonymous said...

I love it. Why am I so scared of doing bags like this?

I love that owl, too. There are two roosters at my favorite little antique store on the town square that I want. But, I'm not so into roosters.

Anonymous said...

Love these bags and the fabrics. I wish I got the courage to do some free motion quilting....
Now I'm jealous of your sewing corner even with the unswept floors.

C. Michele said...

I love your quilting corner. It has inspired me! I think we should do a "Sewing Corner" feature on the Seams to Me Blog!