Sunday, December 13, 2009

Since I mentioned it, now I have to show you the photos.

OK, so I mentioned a certain World Tour concert in my last post. It was freakin' incredible people! U2 is an amazing band. I'd never seen them live before, but they have been one of my favorites since the first time I saw the video Sunday Bloody Sunday on MTV. That was, of course, when they still showed music videos on MTV.

This was a stadium tour...and I've been to several concerts before but never anything on such a large scale! Every minute of it was exciting! And singing along with nearly 70,000 other was so much fun. I have a whole new appreciation for the band and their music now.

There's a video posted that shows some highlights from the tour.

And now for the photo sharing portion of today's post.

These are from an afternoon spent in Napierville IL. the day before the concert, our day in Chi-town, followed by the awesomeness that was U2:

My brother and me at Giodorno's in Napierville. Best pizza I've ever had. Ever.
My sis and her husband Scott.
There was a guy playing showtunes on the bells at the top of this tower in Napierville. It was creepy-cool.

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Anonymous said...

We saw U2 on this tour in Dallas. So glad you had a good time!!