Monday, December 28, 2009

Block Head!

This may be the most quilt block heavy post I've ever blogged...just call me Charlie Brown!

But, I do believe my sewing palate is officially cleansed and I am ready to move on to other projects! Before I do, here's just a few more of those wonky-scrappy blocks.
And what to do when you accidentally cut a wonky-scrappy too short? Make a coaster for your sewing table, of course!
And speaking of quilt is the one I got from Debbie in the Quilt Block Swap for December. My requests were any style of block done turquoise and/or aqua and red with some white thrown in. It's a cool pattern which looks too complicated for this block head to attempt! But some day...Debbie requested pink and brown for her block. It's showing black on my end, but I promise the dark fabrics are brown. Note the lack of triangles and matching points in the block I created. I hope she will like it! It's called crossing paths(or something like that) and is one of the patterns we used during the Block of the Month group I participated in last year through my local quilt shop.Yep. That's a lot of blocks. Now...for some apron talk!

I'm in Val's Cheap Hot Mama Apron Swap and it's gonna be a fun one! Cheap, because swappers are not allowed to purchase fabrics for their partner's apron. We MUST use fabric from our stash and we don't spend a dime on the little extras we send along. I love it!! We were given a couple of themes to choose from and my partner requested the theme "Old Man Winter". Luckily I have a couple different fabrics that fit that theme! My dilemma? Which to choose? I'm leaning toward the first set of fabrics pictured...only because the only matching fabric I had for the second was a solid and I never know what to do w/solids! What do y'all think?


Housewife Creations said...
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Housewife Creations said...

Hi! I discovered your blog over the weekend, and it looks awesome! I've been married 2 years and I've really got into the domesticated thing, and I used to love sewing back in high school. Your blog is an inspiration, and as soon as my current projects are wrapped up, I'm going to do some sewing again. Thanks for the inspiration and the lovely blog!

Kandra said...

Hey Kel! I can't believe I missed this post! I love the brown/pink block. And the wonky blocks - I'm a gal that just loves wonky! Add a cartoon character in the mix and it just sends me over the top! It's awesome! The snoopy one is my fave :)

Maybe one day we'll be in a bee together! If you sign up for another one, let me know! :)