Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baby Pinwheel Quilt...FINISHED!

I thought I'd go nuts. I thought I'd toss my sewing machine out the window...but I finished it!

This is the quilt that I finished for a friend& co-worker's baby last weekend. I used a pattern from the Moda Bake Shop and machine quilted it myself. It's far from perfect, but my friend seemed to truly like it and it did receive a few "oohs" and "aaaahs" at the baby shower. I have to say, I am proud of how it turned out and I'm proud of myself for not giving up!

This was not actually my first attempt at machine quilting. Back in 2007, I made small lap quilts for my sister and my brother. Those, however, were complete straight lines sewn other than trying to keep my stitching straight, they didn't give me too much grief. Photos in this post.

For this quilt, I also used straight lines, so I really didn't think it would be all that difficult. The hardest part was having to shove so much fabric through my sewing machine on the diagonal. This is a baby sized quilt, I can't imagine how people work with anything bigger!

A few of my random thoughts as I was working on this quilt....randomly presented.
  • Slow Down!
  • "Straight", for me, is a relative term.
  • I should have taken the bindings class I took two days after sewing the binding on this, before I sewed the binding on this.
  • Longer stitches look better than teensy ones.
  • I ♥ the walking foot.
  • How in the blankety-blank am I supposed to stop and start a line of stitching and keep from getting knots on the back OR the thread from pulling out?
  • I prefer sewing to seam ripping...besides me, who'll care if my points are perfect anyway?
  • Aaaargh!
  • Why is it that I am nearly finished before I finally start to figure things out?
  • I hate basting.
  • I will NEVER attempt this again. Ever.
  • Hey, I CAN do this!
  • The quilt police aren't really going to come after me. After all, the fashion police have yet to find me and I've been committing crimes against fashion for years!
  • That wasn't sooo bad, maybe I'll give it another go!

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Anonymous said...

That is a VERY pretty quilt!