Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Blog on the Block and Girl Stuff

There is a new blog on the block! My dear friend from the "real world", Southern Belle Mama, has started blogging!

Originally from Mississippi, Belle has been transplanted here in Western Kentucky...the sorta-southern state, I like to call it. This girl is a TRUE Southern Belle...clever, funny, and charming with a hint of Julia Sugarbaker sass tossed in for good measure! And she's absolutely gorgeous(though she'd never admit to being such). I think you'll enjoy her take on family, life, love, and lipstick. Yes, lipstick.

Head on over to Southern Belle Mama's place. Tell her Kellie sent ya!

In one of her first posts, Belle talks about getting ready for the day and how we should take a bit more pride in ourselves. Now some of it is tongue in cheek(she's witty like that), but I took the following to heart: "please learn to care about the reflection that looks back at you each morning. God has given you a new day to look and feel beautiful"...

Now, I don't know that I've ever mentioned this but I love LOVE make-up, hair, and fashion ooh and I enjoy the occasional high heel. You know, girl stuff. I had a serious Benefit habit a couple years ago and Sephora makes me giddy. In fact, I recently cried a little bit when I ran out of the Sephora blush my sister got me for my birthday. But other than that blush, I'd kinda given up on enjoying getting made up and looking like a girl who likes to look like a girl.

It's not like I haven't put forth ANY effort, but not to the level that I once did. I mean I still wouldn't go out of the house w/o mascara. yikes. And I don't think I've let myself go, but I have kind of gotten into a rut. As of late my routine has been:

Slap on some tinted moisturizer or powder, some beige(yawn) eyeshadow, mascara, my luscious Sephora blush(see not completely given up) and apply one swipe of neutral lipstick in the morning and be done for the day.

My hair goes into a ponytail more days than it doesn't. But sometimes a ponytail is OK, right?

Now you won't usually catch me in sweats, and I'd never wear them to work, but I haven't worn a skirt in weeks. I've gained a few pounds since the Fat Smash aka "beans and rice diet" ended and now I'm too self conscious to wear one. Which is sad 'cause I absolutely love skirts, adore them. They're swishy and swirly and they make me feel all feminine, like Marylin. Only chubby. With wrinkles. And gray hairs.

Do you see that? Did you see what I just did? I get into this vicious cycle of putting myself down. I want to be pretty and girly and then I think of all the things that need improvement and think. "Well crap. What's the use?". So I continue to do the Beige Face and the ponytail and the comfortable(though not frumpy) pants and shoes. Chuck Taylors whenever possible.

I've never been entirely comfortable with myself but lately, it's gotten worse. I think a lot of my problem is this milestone birthday that is coming up. I will be honest and tell you that turning 40 is starting to seriously freak me out. I don't know why, but it is. Seriously. But we'll save that for another post.

Anyway reading Belle's post I realized that yeah, the reflection looking back at me needs a little TLC. Do I really want to face this new day that God has given me with Beige Face? No! And yeah, I NEED to lose weight but I'm still not to the proportions of the mother from What's Eating Gilbert Grape so I need to get over myself for the moment. And HELLO? Miss Clairol can help me wash that gray right out of my hair!

So what did I do once I reached these realizations? I marched (OK, I drove) myself to WalMart and spent one hour and 70 bucks on makeup and Crest Whitestrips. Most fun I've had shopping in weeks!

Thank you Southern Belle Mama, for putting the thought out there. I will spend a little more time on myself from here on out! Cause I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like me!

Tomorrow I might even bust out a skirt!


Bonnie D. said...

Good for you, Kellie! I feel like you're talking about me. Taking the time to get dressed in "real" clothes and slapping on a little makeup does seem to provide a nice mental boost. But I still have many a weekend day where I forgo the makeup and throw on sweats and an old T because I don't plan on going anywhere.

Wear the skirts! You will look terrific. Plus, it will give you an excuse to sew some new ones.

Mo said...

That's a great way to think of it..."I'm still not to the proportions of the mother from What's Eating Gilbert Grape so I need to get over myself for the moment." It's very true, and I am too hard on myself sometimes, but until I totally tip the car to one side while riding around...I need to get over myself :)

Southern Belle Mama said...

By the way, Kellie, you looked fabulous today in that brown flowy, flirty, blingy skirt. It was definately "Scarlet" worthy. It didn't look anything like a drape you grabbed off the window (remember Carol Burnett?). Did I already tell you that you looked fabulous? Sorry if I forgot. I was just too taken aback by my own gorgeousness (thanks for the compliment). Thanks for the nod to my new blog. You're just the sweetest thang - she said with a mouth full of Southern.

Someone referred to Kentucky today as the "shallow south." I'll have the remember that term.

Anonymous said...

hey, I'll go give Belle a visit here in a minute.
Now, about this other business...listen here lady! :-)
I've never met you beige face to beige face, but I know that you are one awesome chick! Isn't age all a state of mind? My mamaw swears she's still 19 in her mind, and yes, she's "all there" if you know what I mean. You wear those skirts and put on the make up that makes you feel beautiful.
That upcoming birthday is just the next number in a sequence of numbers, right? ;0)

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

You wear those skirts Kell!! You're absolutely gorgeous! I can only hope that I have the same "look like I'm in my 20s when I'm not" genes that you do. :) Hit up the Clairol, get your walk on, cause when you get to Poland we're gonna get our "shop on"! Sephora won't know what hit 'her! ;) We'll show 40 who's boss! :)

Love you!

Yankee said...

Great post! I'll be checking out Southern Bell Mama, too!