Friday, March 7, 2008

Taste of Home Cooking School Spring Show

Last night I went with my girlfriends Trish, Sheila & Stacy (along w/ Trish's MIL and dear, sweet Mama) to the Taste of Home Cooking School. I thoroughly enjoyed it...if they're coming to your town, you should check it out!

A chef from Taste of Home prepared a variety of dishes, making them all look incredibly easy and appetizing. In addition to the dishes, she shared cooking tips, stories and a few lame jokes. Lots of prizes were given away throughout the night as well. No, I didn't win anything. Dang it! I wanted, no, needed that cake plate filled with cupcakes!

One of the recipes that was featured is this Taco Meatball Ring. I plan to try it out...doesn't it look tasty? The show draws a huge crowd(I had no idea) and the Fine Arts Center was jam packed. We didn't buy our tickets until we got there so we ended up being Balcony Trash, separated from the rest of the theater. I think that made it more was fun sitting up and away from the crowd. We were front row, center so we had a nice view of the stage, were able to prop up our feet, giggle, make yum-yum noises and comment(quietly of course) our way through the evening without bothering the people around us. Good Times! And yes, we got a little silly...which is the norm for us, thank goodness. How dull would it be to have friends who weren't at least half as goofy as you are?


Patty said...

Your evening sounds like so much fun and that taco ring looks good.

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

Too cute! :)

Meshellyn said...

I've been to this cooking show once and loved it. The entire place smelled so good while they were cooking away!