Saturday, March 8, 2008

No Cable=New Music Find=The High Kings

I'll begin this post by saying that I have absolutely nothing against cable television. I adore cable TV. In fact, if it was possible, I'd marry cable. I could literally sit in front of a TV all day and be completely content watching HGTV, Food Network, Bravo, TLC, TV Land, get the idea. And I've done that, believe me. But alas, there hasn't been much TV watching going on since we moved into the new house!

Building a home was expensive and cable wasn't a necessity when we moved in. Nearly two years later, still no cable. We're just too poor destitute frugal cheap to pay for cable or satellite service. So if it doesn't come on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, KET or PBS, I don't get to watch it. Oh how I miss you, Project Runway and What Not to Wear! And sometimes the reception is so bad I don't get to watch the channels that we can get.

I was flipping though the six snowy channels that our rabbit ears pick up the other night when I came across the High Kings concert on PBS and was nearly knocked off the couch. I don't know why I was completely taken in by Irish Folk music, but I was. Perhaps I am in a St. Patrick's Day celebratory mood a bit early. Maybe it got the Irish blood in these veins of mine pumping(my great grandfather was Irish). It could just be my affinity for the movies A Mighty Wind and Far and Away.

Whatever the cause, I am now a High Kings fan. I've got the CD on order and I'm repeatedly watching the youtubes to get my fix. I love the harmonies in their voices, the rhythm in the music and the Irish brogue that is so very evident. The tradition and the storytelling aspect of these songs is very appealing as well.

So, for just this once, I'm glad we don't have cable. You know I'd have been watching a Project Runway marathon and totally missed out on the High Kings.

This song is called The Rocky Road to Dublin. Enjoy!


J. Shea Stanley said...

You know, I watched that the SAME night, mostly for the same reason, and thought the same thing, though I did not order the CD. They're going to be at the Ryman Sat, April 19th.

Meshellyn said...

I heard them too! They have a fabulous sound to them that makes me just about melt inside :)

You've been tagged! Check out my blog!

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

Wow! I LOVE IT! So...if we go ta Ireland we'll be goin' ta Dublin! ;) Corn Beef & Cabbage! This video makes me happy. :) You should DEFINITELY go and see them in April! And take Mom & Dad. :)