Monday, March 17, 2008

Three Good Things

1. My most awesome and excellent brother Shea has hooked us up with tickets to see The High Kings in concert at the Ryman in Nashville next month! Woo Hoo! Or should I say Heidy Diedy Diedy!

2. I am getting my ticket to Europe this week. I shall visit my sister and bro-in-law in their quaint little Polish flat and then we shall all hop to Vienna and Prauge. Woo Hoo! Or should I say Woo Hooski!

3. Yesterday Mark and I ran into my brother in law and his wife at the grocery. After greeting hugs, Bro-in Law asked if I'd lost weight when, clearly, I have not. I heart my brother in law.


Anonymous said...

What a great start to your week.
Don't know who they are but hope you have fun at the concert.
I'm going to see Keith Urban after Easter.
Europe, small flat, can't wait....
No. 3, whatever you were wearing that day, buy/make another set.
Wear it all the time.
Hope the rest of your week is just as good.
I've got a full blown cold and feel miserable so finishing my work and going to the lounge.

Anonymous said...

Dude, send a little of that mojo my way! Have fun on each awesome at the concert and in Europe!

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

All three...ridiculously good things! What a good week!

Mama with Marriage Tips for Men said...

A visit to Europe would do me GOOD.


Nice trip!