Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bluff City Monster Discovered at 4H Flea Market

Mark and I went to the Vanderburgh County 4H Flea Market recently. This particular flea market is one of the better ones locally(locally being a 45min. drive). Sometimes there's TONS of stuff & sometimes there's....less than tons. But we always enjoy ourselves and one of us usually walks away with some sort of "treasure". And caramel corn.

Lots of fun stuff this time. Snapped a few pics while we were walking around...A bowl full of drink-stir-er-thingies. I KNOW they have a name. It has slipped my mind. Swizzle sticks? Whatever you call 'em, we bought a few. Cause they were cool. I use them to stir my nightly hot chocolate if you must know.Lots of random and strange display combinations pop up at the Flea Mart. This is one of them. Perhaps you would like a creepy stuffed black arched-back cat to go with your parlor painting?
Super cool Dick Tracy car. Check that retro blue hair dryer in the background!
Awww! At one time I wanted to decorate our school library with Raggedy Ann and Andy. But I'm not sure they were originally children's book characters. As a matter fact, I don't know any Raggedy Ann and Andy history. Drawn to the shades of blue on these old spools of thread.
I don't know what it is. but there's something I really like about old milk bottles. I always find myself stopping to look at them. I'd like to have a display of them in my kitchen, I think.How awesome would this guy be hanging on the garage wall!?
I dig these Lady Head vases. I have about four of them, but I can't afford to collect them for real...they are soooo expensive.
This trunk makes me think of my brother Shea and his favorite movie, Joe Vs. The Volcano.

This one I took for Jackie and Scott. Did ya'll get any fair food while you were home? Notice how you can get Taco salad & Nachos, Polish Sausage, AND Philly Cheese Steak all at one booth? It's an international food fest on wheels!
I must've been hungry cause the Biscuit Barn caught my eye too! Fried biscuits! Really? If it involves biscuits, it can't be bad, can it? I SO want one of these old aluminum Christmas trees and accompanying swirly lights! I have a giant Santa head. Don't know where it came from, but it's out in the garage.

Mark and one of his toy purchases...he's sold it on ebay already!
Alright, I know this picture is really fuzzy, but this display was so danged cute that I couldn't not share it. Old 50's snowmen store displays maybe? CUTE!
ACK!! How the (expletive deleted) did that get on here??? I loathe monkeys...(no rational reason, they just creep me out) especially these creepy cymbal playing chimpanzee freaks.

I thought the lady who made these was going to have a stroke when I asked if I could take a photo of them. I had to assure her I wasn't going to try and make and resell them. I just thought they were cute. Sheesh, lady.
This was by far the coolest thing I saw all day. Yes I wanted it. Badly. NO, I didn't buy it. Seeing as how I no longer own any 8 tracks, it probably wouldn't have been of much use. sigh

And Finally...
Bluff City is a tiny little town in Henderson county on the bank of the Green River. We went to the tiny little church in that town. There was nothing but a tiny little church in the town as far as I remember. Anyhow, when we were little, my brothers and I were told a story about the Bluff City Monster by the church teenagers and I think our uncle David may have told it too(perhaps more than once). I don't remember the exact details of the Bluff City Monster story...I kinda remember it being a bigfoot type monster that would crawl up from the river banks and go skulking about the town at night, probably looking for children to eat. Shea might be able to call up more details. I DO remember that it scared me!

I had completely forgotten this story until Shea reminded me of it on our way to see the Police in concert this summer. I quickly forgot it again. Until wandering around
at the flea market... when I spotted this thing from a distance. I believe the citizens of Bluff City can now rest easily. It would appear that the Bluff City Monster has met it's demise.

I may be wrong, but I believe this is what happened to the rest of the Bluff City Monster.

As luck would have it I came upon what I believe to have been the lesser known, (although better accessorized) Spottsville Monster.Whew. We'll all sleep better tonight knowing those two are gone for good.

And so there you have it. Kellie & Mark's Flea Market fun! We did buy some stuff at the flea market, but I've kept you much too long! Come back later for a rundown of my goodies.


Pinky said...

Love all of your pictures. I feel like I was there myself. Wow, that is one ugly Bluff City Monster! Good think he's not prowlin' around anymore. When my 7 yr old sees things like that she says, "now why do they want to show us something like that?" Good question!
Looks like you had lots of restraint for not buying a whole car load. I love flea markets!

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

How fun!! Guess it's safe to say you didn't bring home the cymbal playing chimpanzee freak...good choice. I'd have nightmares the rest of my life.

J. Shea Stanley said...

Hey Kellie, Did you get theat cymbal playing chimpanzee freak for Jack for Christmas, like we tlked about. Ohhow surprised she will be.
I think that last thing is actually a taxidermied Ewok. And that Bluff City Monster head RULES!

*BB* said...

Raggedy Ann and Andy toys!! OMG I woulda bought them on the spot!! And those spools of blue thread. And swizzle sticks. Thank god theres A LOT of distance between me and those things.

Kellie said...

SHHHH!! Shea---Jackie reads this. We do not want to spoil the surprise!

I walked back by the booth w/the Bluff City Monster head...I didn't see it. Someone actually bought that thing.