Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas sewing projects now underway

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I thoroughly enjoyed the day and yes, stuffed myself with Mom's home cooking, and some of my own, and some of my brother's, and some of my grandmother's. It was goo-oo-ood. Of course the company was even better than the food! And we were so happy that Jackie and Scott were able to join the Thanksgiving feast from Poland via Skype.

Mom and I braved the Black Friday madness for some shopping. And madness it was. Biggest crowds and craziest traffic I've ever seen...and I've been doing the day after Thansgiving shopping thing for a very long time! Even though it's the start of the Christmas shopping season, I didn't do a lot of Christmas shopping. Shame on me for buying supercute brown boots for myself instead of gifts for others!

On the handmade vs. store bought gifts debate: I decided to go the handmade route on some gifts and the store bought route on others. While I love the idea of hand making all my Christmas gifts, it just wasn't practical.

SO, including gifts, I now have several projects under way! I'm 3/4 of the way through one project. It's been a tricky one. Had to completely re-do half of it! I'll show it off at a later date!

I've also finished two more blocks in the quilt class quilt!
That quilt will most likely end up being a gift for me, so I doubt I'll work on it much more till after Christmas.

I have a bunch of Christmas fabrics that I bought in September & October, thinking I would make a tablecloth and napkin set for my kitchen and some napkins and place mats for Mom, among other things. Maybe I'll get around to it using it before Christmas is over.And then there are the gifts that I want to make. A few of my girlfriends are among those who will be receiving handmade gifts this Christmas. I have settled on aprons for each of them. Even if they never wear them(but I think they will), they'll be cute hanging in their kitchens or tied around the pantry doorknob...that's where I keep my apron du jour anyway!

I'm in love with the the simple style of the Paris Toille apron that I won on Apronistas(It's to come later)and would like to come up with something similar. Here's a look at some of the fabrics I plan to use. The top fabric will be for the body, the bottom will be waistband, ties and pockets. This is another project currently in the works. Thankfully, we are doing Dirty Santa instead of a gift exchange at our faculty/staff Christmas party this year. This cherry print apron will be my contribution to the game. The pattern is called Flirty Skirty from Threaded Pear and it is going to be adorable! (If I do say so myself)! I don't know what I'll use these fabrics for or when, but I was unable to leave Hobby Lobby without buying them! And to the sewing machine with me!


*BB* said...

omg you need to put a warning that this entry contains pictures of a ton of gorgeous fabrics! I want them all!! That bottom one is the cutest ever!!
I took the handmade pledge this year but thats easy for me - I'm a cheapass who will only give 4 or 5 presents, all for women - purses and pincushions.
Presents for yourself are the best though, you know exactly how much love and work went into them.

Anonymous said...

Hello!!!! We share a fabric-love-brainwave! I would've picked out every one of those! I adore the Santa print, the kids in the bottom phot, and the retro food one, but they're all awesome.
Have fun sewing, you talented chic!!!

Domestic Chicky said...

I love the diner fabric/red combo...that will be so cute! I can't wait to see you in pics of your new you love it??

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

ALL SO ADORABLE! Way cute! Can't wait to see the finished projects! :)

Debs said...

I LOVE Those fabbies. They are just so pretty and cute!