Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On the subject of cooking...

Last night I went to my brother Shea's house for our weekly family viewing of Biggest Loser. We sorta have our own personal little club, dontchaknow. The folks are visiting relatives in sunny Florida so Shea did the cooking this week.

I was a little nervous. Not 'cause Shea was cooking dinner...he's a better cook than I am, for sure! I was nervous because he made beef stew. Nervous 'cause I've never liked beef stew and as a rule, I'm not much of a touching-foods kinda gal. And well, beef stew IS foods touching. And there are usually tons of vegetables in the stuff. My loyal three readers already know that I don't like most vegetables. In fact, I like vegetables even LESS than I like foods touching. OK, I do like the white vegetables(except for cauliflower) and the yellow vegetables(except squash). I hear you sniggering...Ya'll QUIT laughing at me!

Anyway, Shea made beef stew (and grilled cheese to go with). I must confess I was absolutely blown away by deliciousness of it! The touching vegetables were good...yummy even! Say! I like beef stew and touching vegetables! And I would eat them in the rain and I would eat them on a train! I would eat them in a box and I would eat them with a fox! I would eat them in a house and I would eat them with a mouse! And I would eat them here or there! And I would eat them anywhere! I do! I like beef stew and touching vegetables... Sorry. The librarian in me had to get that out.

Seriously, Shea's beef stew really was very good and I did go back for a second helping of it. I have officially expanded my culinary pallet a bit more! It's big deal for me, ya'll! Kinda like when I discovered after 38 years that I actually like meatloaf after all! I feel a little silly that I've always been so finicky when it comes to food.

Making Shea's version of beef stew is simple...If I'm remembering correctly, he told me he dumped a can of veg-all, a can of tomatoes, a can of black-eyed peas, & a can of (drained)potatoes along with some stew meat in the crock pot and cooked it for something like 8-12 hours. And after our meal, we had hummingbird cake. Mmmm. Who knew those little birds could be so tasty!!! Thank you, my dear brother for the fine food and company! And for not using actual hummingbirds in the cake.

Now, over in Poland my sister and her husband are cooking up a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for about 20+ college aged Polish kids. Check this out. Brave girl. I wouldn't stick my hands in that goopy ole' pumpkin. bleck. Sadly, she can't buy it canned and no Thanksgiving around here is complete without pumpkin roll! I'm sure everyone who is in attendance will have a wonderful time and get some tasty eats to boot!

Me, I cooked up a pot of corn & bacon chowder this week. Quite tasty. It involved my two vegetables of choice. The recipe is in a previous post.


J. Shea Stanley said...

Your most welcome. Anytime! (Oh yeah, and don't forget the can of black-eyed peas).

Now you owe me corn and bacon chowder (or chouw-DA, if we were Bostonians.

*BB* said...

Snigger, foods touching. At your age pfffft. LOL vegies are a touchy one for me too, I like that...but not that...and if theres mushrooms in it then I'm screwed.

That chowder (not that I know what chowder is really) looks and sounds YUM!! But what is turkey bacon? Can I use regular bacon? Or is it more like turkey?

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

So...when we return in July we'll be expecting some tasty beef stew and Chowder if you please. Trade you dinner for dessert! ;)