Sunday, November 4, 2007

Somebody get me an asprin!

I had big plans for getting some stuff done this weekend. housework, sewing, grocery shopping, DVD watching, You name it, I was gonna do it. My plans didn't exactly work out.

Thursday night I rode down to Nashville with the folks. Friday I attended an all day seminar called "Increasing the Effectiveness of you Library Media Center". Sounds exciting, huh? Actually, it was really good and I enjoyed it. Don't let the old stereotypes fool ya'. We librarians are movers and shakers, ya'll! Best part was the big ole' resource book...when I finally get into my new library, I'm going to have lots of new ideas to try out! Had a nice time w/Mom and Dad. Ate good food. Made a run through Hancock Fabrics.

So that was Friday.

Yesterday my headache began. I had fully intended on spending the day sewing and listening to show tunes on Live365. Picked up around the house a bit and started. Got this done. It's a late birthday/early Christmas gift for my Aunt Dot. She's in her 80's, but spunky! Hence the non old lady fabrics. It's a reversible apron...I found the tutorial here. The blue and green prints reminded me of her little corner of Florida. This is the flip side of Aunt Dot's Apron. The pocket idea came from The Apron Book. So that went OK. Even though I did get aggravated a time or two with the waistband. I have yet to master waistband attachment!

Mark and I took a quick trip to Pizza Hut and Lowes(got four new trees for the front yard) and I decided to get back to "work". This is were everything went wrong.They're supposed to be pockets. Pockets on what I thought would be a supercute Christmas apron for my little sister. I know she'll be cooking for her students and friends in Poland during the Holidays I and figure she needs a supercute Christmas apron. Jack, you may be getting a mildly cute Christmas apron, OK? Man! It was like going back to my first sewing project and I only got as far as the pockets! First of all,'s the devil. I've never tried using the stuff and obviously I am not at that level of skill just yet. After much kicking and screaming and no success, I tried using Ric-Rac on the pocket in place of piping. As you can see, I didn't have any luck with that either! ARG. I'm not going to tell you how long I spent on these two hideously deformed pockets. You'll just be embarrassed for me. I piled the whole mess in a big heap on my sewing table, turned off the light and instead played with the rotary cutter and watched Bionic Woman. I also caught a little SNL last night. I was scared for Brian Williams, but he turned out to be pretty funny, at least in what I saw.

That was Saturday.

Today I DID at least manage to go to the grocery store. Came home and fully expected to work on the apron some more. My body must have been trying to stop me 'cause I came down with the worst. headache. ever. Slept from 11:30 till about 5:00p.m. Headache has faded somewhat but the weekend is officially over. Better luck Tuesday...we're off for Election Day.

Sometime this week I plan to post some pictures from Mark and my adventures at the Flea Market last weekend. Lots of fun was had. More aprons than necessary were purchased.


Pinky said...

this sewing misadventure should not get you down too long. I saw your beautiful quilt on the post before! Good job! I've got a quilt in my craft closet that I started 2 years ago and have yet to finish. I just can't get any momentum up.
Looks like you're on a sewing roll!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

OMG! You poor girl. I must say though, I got your "planned" weekend. If you were wondering where it went. I did the shopping, sewing, DVD watching and a Nanny Nap.
Can't wait to see the Chrissy apron.