Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fabric Junkie Strikes Again

Today Mark and I went to this flea market:
There was absolutely nothing photo worthy. Except these...No, I didn't eat one.

And then I did a bad thing. I made Mark drive to Hancock's of Paducah (not to be confused with Hancock Fabrics) and I went inside...he stayed in the car. They have a bargain bin at Hancock's of Paducah. You'd think that would be good thing, right? Oh, it's bad, so so bad.

Considering they have many of the fancy-schmancy designer fabrics that I can't get locally piled up on those bins, it sounded so cheap. Until I got ready to pay for it. Then had to use cash + a credit card because I went over my personal "I'm not spending more than XXX dollars" limit by about 50 bucks! I even put stuff back before I made it to the measuring/cutting table, ya'll! And I'll admit, a little buyers remorse over getting two identical Amy Butler fabrics in different colors has set in. But it was in the bargain bin!!

I should probably never go back to that store, ever.

Here's what I got...
Two yards of this cutie cute cute fabric. It's screaming "MAKE ME INTO AN APRON"
The floral print did not come from the bargain bin. BUT how cute is this combo? Also NOT from the bargain bin. This was definitely a splurge. It will someday be a skirt for yours truly.LOVE these. Also thinking aprons for this.
These look like purses and/or totes to me, whadaya think?I don't know what these will end up being...skirt, blouse, apron, totes...these fabrics are just gorgeous, I could not resist. I tried putting them back in the bargain bins, but they kept jumping back into my shopping cart! I had no choice but to buy them.Being an August baby, I HAD to buy this lion's a home decor fabric. Did I mention... $4.98 a yard!?If you ever get to Paducah Kentucky, you should really head to Hancock's of Paducah...'cause they have a bargain bin!


Anonymous said...

Score!! I've only ever had one fabric spree and looking back I regret half of what I bought lol but oh the fun. You got some seriously cool prints.

Birdie/That Girl said...

i LOVE your fabrics! it's like eye candy!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you managed to BRIBE Mark to got to Hanocks. Love all your fabrics and I'm sure we will be seeing great products soon.

Anonymous said...

You know I have the same affliction.
Those are gorgeous!
The top one! ahhhh,
and I love the purse prints..they're all great. You've got a great eye, you do.

val said...

love them all but the last one with the lion.........that I wish I could find. so different.