Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friendship Stars & NOT the High Kings...the week late post.

I forgot to share my Block of the Month last week. So, a tad late, here it is...a Friendship Star. Even though this was an easy-cheesy block, that didn't stop me from waiting till the morning of the meeting, hence going way too fast and doing a sloppy job. I must say that I am not digging these fabrics for these blocks at all anymore. I think it's the off white border that makes me not like them. These civil war repro fabrics used with a more modern block would be very nice, they're just toooooo old fashioned combined with these traditional blocks for my taste. And I like old fashioned! I wish I'd have chosen the 30's repro fabrics for this quilt.

AND last week Shea and I should have been at the High Kings concert at the Ryman in Nashville, but they went and postponed on us! We'll be waiting until September now. But never fear! I have located a youtubey that I think will lessen our longing for Irish folk singing until then. I hope ya'll enjoy it! Shea, this one's for you!


Anonymous said...

I'm loving this block of yours. It looks very effective. Sorry you don't like the fabrics, it looks Christmassy to me.
We are so alike, looks like I'm leaving my Round Robin til the last minute too.
I think I work better under stress.

Anonymous said...

I think you did a good job on the blog.

HA! Monster singing Danny Boy.
Ahhh, takes me back to Friday nights, watchin' the Muppet Show.
Good times, good times.

J. Shea Stanley said...

That;s awesome. It reminds me a little of SNL when Tarzan, Frankenstein and Chris Farley would sing holiday tunes