Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Super Flea Market!

I realized this morning that it's been a while since we all took a trip to a flea market or antique store. So this dreary chilly third day of Spring Break seems like the perfect day for it.

Our first stop is the SUPER Flea Market. OH, how the name decieves! Super, it ain't. This is one of those flea markets where you can stock up on all the crappy watches, cell phone cases, fake Coach purses and socks your hear may desire. Thankfully, there are still a few vendors at this flea market who bring vintage goodies and crazy-weird old junk. And caramel corn. Here are some of the things I ran across.

I told Teddy Ruxpin to stay away from crazy eyed tech guy Pete who lives in the castle up on the hill, but he just wouldn't look at him. ET!!! NOOOOO!!! Don't do it, buddy! Yes, your career is over. We KNOW you only starred in that one movie with Drew Barrymore and that kid, what's his name. You don't even rate a spot on Celebrity Fit Club or Dancing with the Stars, but it's not worth hanging yourself over. We still love you!Hey look! It's a couple extras from the movie Cars!There's always time for Elvis!
Our next stops include the Franklin Street Antique Mall and the Riverside Antique Mall, which oddly enough is NOT beside the river.

Hey, yous guys, Easta is ova...I tink weyu safe now...We can come otta hiding!

What does she look so smug about?
Loved these...
Ya'll know I break into song bear with me...I can't help myself..."I gotta brand new pair of roller skates, you gotta brand new key..."
And again..."We'll get a slaw burger fries and a bottle of SKI, braaaang it on out to my baby and me!"I would have bought this had it not been 35 bucks!
The Kenmore washer in pink can be found in the most modern of homes.
These make me happy!They call me Beef Eater Gin Man. I drink a lot of gin. And I eat a lot of beef. And I have a mustache and a ruffle-y collar and I wear blush. But you can tell I'm a manly man 'cause I eat a lot of beef and drink a lot of gin..
And at the good old Sturgis Antique Mall...

Can you still get Charles Chips in these giant cans? I miss those giant cans of chips!
Another song...."Hey, Shirley, this is Squirrely...have you got your ears on? 10-4 Squirrely! This is shirley 'cmon, 'cmon, 'cmon!"Go ahead...make one more crack about my yellow hair. I dare you.I heart robots.
If we ever build a sunroom, I'm getting one of these to go in it.It's Tennesee Tuxedo! Or is it a clown? Either way I'm afraid he is pretty uncomfortable as there is a light bulb shoved up his hind end.Whaaa??
Excuse me, I'm looking for a bowl. A tiny bowl shaped like an enormous nasty foot with a giant toe sticking up. You HAVE one! Alright!

Awwww. Regreting not buying this cute little whale for my bathroom.And finally...Whaaaa??? I am at a loss for words. Well, at least it isn't a creepy cymbal playing chimpanzee freak.

Whew! My feet are tired and my belly is full from all the caramel corn. I'm taking a nap now. See ya'll next time!

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Lisa Boyer said...

Oh gosh...what always amazes me is to think that someone bought all these items NEW at one time. Boggles the mind. Too much fun! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

God Girl!!!! I love xxxx your sick sense of humour. You have started my day with a smile/smirk/?
My lord what were some people thinking.
ET as a light, oooo too spooky for my room.
What is it with those pom poms on those skates? (Gotta love that song)
My sister got her long hair caught in one of those washing machine wringers. LOL Sorry but it was funny.
What is that creepy big toe??? Yuck! Oops did you buy it?
Now I do like that little whale too.
Last questions What is Caramel Corn????? A weird American Sweet?

Anonymous said...

Wow, there are some random things out there. One day somebody will be picking through my junk saying the same thing.
The buffalo on the toilet? I'm gonna have to go heat up some milk after that.
But, no, he's still no CCPCF.
Thank goodness.

Patty said...

You can get Charles Chips from the Vermont Country Store catalog. I would have bought that pink Kenmore. That toilet picture scares me.

Kellie C. said...

I would have wanted the poodle too. I want pink poodles in my house but I'll have to add them slowly so the husband doesn't notice too much.

Patty said...

I just blogged about this but you can find the caramel corn recipe I use at Skip To My Lou.

Birdie/That Girl said...

I'll take the Mod Podge Elvis clock for ten bucks. The toilet beast scared me a little.
This was fun! It reminded me of that SUPER cool show, Junkin' they took it off the air, but that was just the best little show ever!