Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Window Shopping

So my Etsy shop "launch" went well! I sold five of the seven aprons that I listed in the first week! WooHoo! Of course I realize that could be a total and complete fluke and I may never sell another thing, but I'm still pretty excited! Now, I gotta get busy and make more!

I'll admit that I am a little addicted to Etsy now...and not just for selling! I could browse around for hours! There are so many wonderful and unique things on Etsy that you just cannot get anywhere else! 'Specially here in the sticks! Although I've been extremely reserved, If I'm not careful I'm pretty sure I could go broke there.

I've bought this:*swoon* It's so dang cute, I can hardly stand it! I'm sure it'll be just as adorable in person! Take a look at more sweet stuff from Miss Bluebird Creations.

While I haven't bought one yet, I really...and I mean really...want one of these:Here's the bad thing about this adorable mini-zip. The seller will customize these bags, so of course I now face a dilemma. Do I go with "geek", "spaz", "dork", "doofus", "weirdo" or "silly"? Here's some more stuff from this seller.

You know how I heart robots? I found a couple robot necklaces that I might not be able to resist. This one is from Imogen. Her shop is full of this kind of cool. This is from Sweet Heart Sinner Creations. She not only designs the pendant, the settings are handmade as well. SO freakin' awesome!Lots of jewelry with retro images up for grabs in her's another one...OK. ENOUGH! But there's more, trust me. I have GOT to get busy sewing! I've got a trip to Europe to fund! :) Sadly, the last two aprons I tried to make are now in a heap on the counter. Disastrous, I tell ya! Hopefully that's over and the next few will turn out fine...but of course if I don't start sewing, they won't.

Later Ya'll!


Domestic Chicky said...

Woman! How am I supposed to find your etsy site if there is NO PURTY BUTTON in your sidebar??? Don't make me make you one! ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh I want the big eyed kitty! I hate when people feature etsy finds, I usually want most of them!

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

Lovin' the robot pendant! :) TOO CUTE!

Patty said...

That braceket is so cute! I like the button for your store too. And, congrats on all the apron sales!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your stuff!!!!

Birdie said...

*laugh* are youmaking aprons to support your etsy obsession?