Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And she can't even yodel!

Is anyone else utterly fascinated by yodeling? It can't be just me... can it? I think my yodel-love may be due in part to the Roger Miller records that my brothers and I used to listen to when we were kids...which contained both yodeling AND scat if I am remembering correctly.

Now if you hear the word "yodel"and only think of those marionette goats from The Sound of Music, then my friends, you are missing out. Luckily you have me to direct you to alternate yodeling goodness.

For example...

Brian Setzer has a mean fact, I wish he'd yodel more! You can hear a teensy bit o' Brian's yodel when he performs Mystery Train and even more in his song 8-Track.

These cowboys know how to yodel.

Jewel yodels, although it gets a little freaky at the end.

This kid yodels to the animals down on the farm.

Sadly, I cannot yodel. BUT, Bonnie can! And she's gonna teach me! Here's lesson number one.

AND I found online yodeling lessons!

I'm off to practice my Hodl---oh-ooh-dees and my Hodl-eh-ee-dees so that I can someday graduate to a Ho--la--di--ho-dl-la-dee,--yo-dl-la-dee-- yo-dl-la-dee-- yo-dl-la-dee-- yo-dl-la-dee-- yo-dl-la-dee--yo.

Yes, I've visited the site and yes, I've tried yodeling. Whether you are listening to a yodel or attempting it yourself, it's fun and a little silly. In fact, I dare you to try yodeling! Just try it right now. I'll wait....

Aren't you smiling? Maybe even giggling a little bit? Wasn't that fun?

Later, Yo-de-laaa-eee-all!


Birdie said...

Mystery Train! That's one of my favorite Elvis songs! Jewels was pretty too even though she did get a little funky like you said. I'm thinking Bonnie needs an online course on cleaning out her closet/room *L*
My gramma yodeled all the time & I always loved it. Now she's 91 and her voice will hardly work, but she tries now & then. This was so fun!

val said...

crackin' son will yodel in the car (or try to) to make me laugh. egads....yodeling? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that Brian can yodel. He's awesome in every way.
I yodel along with Riders In The Sky...ever heard of them? THey're awesome!!

Did you know that Brian Setzer is a Christian...and so is Jewel?