Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And she can't even yodel!

Is anyone else utterly fascinated by yodeling? It can't be just me... can it? I think my yodel-love may be due in part to the Roger Miller records that my brothers and I used to listen to when we were kids...which contained both yodeling AND scat if I am remembering correctly.

Now if you hear the word "yodel"and only think of those marionette goats from The Sound of Music, then my friends, you are missing out. Luckily you have me to direct you to alternate yodeling goodness.

For example...

Brian Setzer has a mean fact, I wish he'd yodel more! You can hear a teensy bit o' Brian's yodel when he performs Mystery Train and even more in his song 8-Track.

These cowboys know how to yodel.

Jewel yodels, although it gets a little freaky at the end.

This kid yodels to the animals down on the farm.

Sadly, I cannot yodel. BUT, Bonnie can! And she's gonna teach me! Here's lesson number one.

AND I found online yodeling lessons!

I'm off to practice my Hodl---oh-ooh-dees and my Hodl-eh-ee-dees so that I can someday graduate to a Ho--la--di--ho-dl-la-dee,--yo-dl-la-dee-- yo-dl-la-dee-- yo-dl-la-dee-- yo-dl-la-dee-- yo-dl-la-dee--yo.

Yes, I've visited the site and yes, I've tried yodeling. Whether you are listening to a yodel or attempting it yourself, it's fun and a little silly. In fact, I dare you to try yodeling! Just try it right now. I'll wait....

Aren't you smiling? Maybe even giggling a little bit? Wasn't that fun?

Later, Yo-de-laaa-eee-all!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Aprons and Car-Mull Corn

Yesterday I gave up a day at the 4-H flea market. Now, ya'll know how I love a good flea market and the 4H flea market has the best carmel corn around(that's Car-Mull not care-Uh-mel), but not only did I want to stay home and make an apron or two for the shop , the fact that I have exactly five dollars cash to my name was also a deciding factor. So I stayed at home and managed to get a few things finished this weekend. Here's a look:

Mark tried several times to get me to go along, but I refused and he went on without me. Knowing how much I love caramel corn, he brings me this from the flea market...and I am reminded of yet another reason why I love him.
It's the little things, ya'll.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friendship Stars & NOT the High Kings...the week late post.

I forgot to share my Block of the Month last week. So, a tad late, here it is...a Friendship Star. Even though this was an easy-cheesy block, that didn't stop me from waiting till the morning of the meeting, hence going way too fast and doing a sloppy job. I must say that I am not digging these fabrics for these blocks at all anymore. I think it's the off white border that makes me not like them. These civil war repro fabrics used with a more modern block would be very nice, they're just toooooo old fashioned combined with these traditional blocks for my taste. And I like old fashioned! I wish I'd have chosen the 30's repro fabrics for this quilt.

AND last week Shea and I should have been at the High Kings concert at the Ryman in Nashville, but they went and postponed on us! We'll be waiting until September now. But never fear! I have located a youtubey that I think will lessen our longing for Irish folk singing until then. I hope ya'll enjoy it! Shea, this one's for you!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Purty Button!

Thank you Deanna for making my Laughing Otter art into this "purty" button for my sidebar! Now I can properly advertise my Etsy shop right here on the ole' bloggity blog. I'm loving the little otter more and more. He's so very versatile!

Progress was made last night...I have one more apron to list! It's very pink and green and preppy. This weekend will be spent sewing! I'm giving up a flea market excursion to stay home and sew! How's that for dedication?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Window Shopping

So my Etsy shop "launch" went well! I sold five of the seven aprons that I listed in the first week! WooHoo! Of course I realize that could be a total and complete fluke and I may never sell another thing, but I'm still pretty excited! Now, I gotta get busy and make more!

I'll admit that I am a little addicted to Etsy now...and not just for selling! I could browse around for hours! There are so many wonderful and unique things on Etsy that you just cannot get anywhere else! 'Specially here in the sticks! Although I've been extremely reserved, If I'm not careful I'm pretty sure I could go broke there.

I've bought this:*swoon* It's so dang cute, I can hardly stand it! I'm sure it'll be just as adorable in person! Take a look at more sweet stuff from Miss Bluebird Creations.

While I haven't bought one yet, I really...and I mean really...want one of these:Here's the bad thing about this adorable mini-zip. The seller will customize these bags, so of course I now face a dilemma. Do I go with "geek", "spaz", "dork", "doofus", "weirdo" or "silly"? Here's some more stuff from this seller.

You know how I heart robots? I found a couple robot necklaces that I might not be able to resist. This one is from Imogen. Her shop is full of this kind of cool. This is from Sweet Heart Sinner Creations. She not only designs the pendant, the settings are handmade as well. SO freakin' awesome!Lots of jewelry with retro images up for grabs in her's another one...OK. ENOUGH! But there's more, trust me. I have GOT to get busy sewing! I've got a trip to Europe to fund! :) Sadly, the last two aprons I tried to make are now in a heap on the counter. Disastrous, I tell ya! Hopefully that's over and the next few will turn out fine...but of course if I don't start sewing, they won't.

Later Ya'll!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Etsy Shop Now Open!

I haven't blogged in a few days, nor have I responded to any of your nice comments or emails. I've been sewing! I finally decided to dive in and try my luck at an Etsy shop. It's scary, but I'm gonna try!

I've come to the decision that this needs to be something I'm doing for fun, not to necessarily to make money. Sure, I like money. I need money. I want money. But this really and truly is not about money. It's about enjoying myself...playing with colors and patterns...making something pretty and useful from a flat piece of fabric...improving at sewing...NOT sitting on the couch...being creative. But honestly, what am I going to do with half a gazillion aprons? Put them on Etsy of course!

SO, would you like to visit my Etsy Shop? If so, click here:

Take a good look at the supercute was created by my favorite artist. I dig it wholeheartedly!

Right now the pickings are slim...cause I'm slow...but my goal is to add two items a week. Hopefully in addition to aprons you'll be seeing some notecards and "Lalka Lawenda" dolls like the ones in this post.

And if you want to tell your friends, family and neighbors to check out my Etsy, I would love that! If you want to link my Etsy to your blog, I would love that too! And a little prayer wouldn't hurt either...a little prayer that if someone does buy something, they'll like it!

Let me know what you think, OK?!

ACK! Update! I SOLD something! Already! WooHoo! Look under sold items! How cool is that! It's the apron I made while listening to Dolly Parton on iTunes! Man, I hope she likes it!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Patchwork & Pinwheel Apron

Remember this fabric that I bought at Hancock's of Paducah yesterday(in the bargain bin)?I used it to make one of my "patchwork" aprons. I use the term patchwork loosely here... Anyhow, this is something I came up with after I started learning to quilt. My first attempt at one of these aprons was for a Tie One On Challenge. Here it is. Here's another. And another. I thought piecing interesting fabrics together would lend itself to aprons and it did! I'm sure there are more patchwork aprons out there, but I'm claiming this design as my own. I feel all artsty-fartsy and creative when I make this style of apron. No pattern...just fabric to play with, rectangles and maybe a triangle if I'm feeling sassy! Like I was today.This, I think, is my best effort apron-wise to date as far as the design. I love it...the fabrics, the colors, the prints. I love it so much that I think I NEED to make myself an identical skirt(minus the pinwheel pocket). Except I don't know how to do that.

This apron is officially going to be listed in my Etsy shop. Which is still empty. But not for long.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fabric Junkie Strikes Again

Today Mark and I went to this flea market:
There was absolutely nothing photo worthy. Except these...No, I didn't eat one.

And then I did a bad thing. I made Mark drive to Hancock's of Paducah (not to be confused with Hancock Fabrics) and I went inside...he stayed in the car. They have a bargain bin at Hancock's of Paducah. You'd think that would be good thing, right? Oh, it's bad, so so bad.

Considering they have many of the fancy-schmancy designer fabrics that I can't get locally piled up on those bins, it sounded so cheap. Until I got ready to pay for it. Then had to use cash + a credit card because I went over my personal "I'm not spending more than XXX dollars" limit by about 50 bucks! I even put stuff back before I made it to the measuring/cutting table, ya'll! And I'll admit, a little buyers remorse over getting two identical Amy Butler fabrics in different colors has set in. But it was in the bargain bin!!

I should probably never go back to that store, ever.

Here's what I got...
Two yards of this cutie cute cute fabric. It's screaming "MAKE ME INTO AN APRON"
The floral print did not come from the bargain bin. BUT how cute is this combo? Also NOT from the bargain bin. This was definitely a splurge. It will someday be a skirt for yours truly.LOVE these. Also thinking aprons for this.
These look like purses and/or totes to me, whadaya think?I don't know what these will end up being...skirt, blouse, apron, totes...these fabrics are just gorgeous, I could not resist. I tried putting them back in the bargain bins, but they kept jumping back into my shopping cart! I had no choice but to buy them.Being an August baby, I HAD to buy this lion's a home decor fabric. Did I mention... $4.98 a yard!?If you ever get to Paducah Kentucky, you should really head to Hancock's of Paducah...'cause they have a bargain bin!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Super Flea Market!

I realized this morning that it's been a while since we all took a trip to a flea market or antique store. So this dreary chilly third day of Spring Break seems like the perfect day for it.

Our first stop is the SUPER Flea Market. OH, how the name decieves! Super, it ain't. This is one of those flea markets where you can stock up on all the crappy watches, cell phone cases, fake Coach purses and socks your hear may desire. Thankfully, there are still a few vendors at this flea market who bring vintage goodies and crazy-weird old junk. And caramel corn. Here are some of the things I ran across.

I told Teddy Ruxpin to stay away from crazy eyed tech guy Pete who lives in the castle up on the hill, but he just wouldn't look at him. ET!!! NOOOOO!!! Don't do it, buddy! Yes, your career is over. We KNOW you only starred in that one movie with Drew Barrymore and that kid, what's his name. You don't even rate a spot on Celebrity Fit Club or Dancing with the Stars, but it's not worth hanging yourself over. We still love you!Hey look! It's a couple extras from the movie Cars!There's always time for Elvis!
Our next stops include the Franklin Street Antique Mall and the Riverside Antique Mall, which oddly enough is NOT beside the river.

Hey, yous guys, Easta is ova...I tink weyu safe now...We can come otta hiding!

What does she look so smug about?
Loved these...
Ya'll know I break into song bear with me...I can't help myself..."I gotta brand new pair of roller skates, you gotta brand new key..."
And again..."We'll get a slaw burger fries and a bottle of SKI, braaaang it on out to my baby and me!"I would have bought this had it not been 35 bucks!
The Kenmore washer in pink can be found in the most modern of homes.
These make me happy!They call me Beef Eater Gin Man. I drink a lot of gin. And I eat a lot of beef. And I have a mustache and a ruffle-y collar and I wear blush. But you can tell I'm a manly man 'cause I eat a lot of beef and drink a lot of gin..
And at the good old Sturgis Antique Mall...

Can you still get Charles Chips in these giant cans? I miss those giant cans of chips!
Another song...."Hey, Shirley, this is Squirrely...have you got your ears on? 10-4 Squirrely! This is shirley 'cmon, 'cmon, 'cmon!"Go ahead...make one more crack about my yellow hair. I dare you.I heart robots.
If we ever build a sunroom, I'm getting one of these to go in it.It's Tennesee Tuxedo! Or is it a clown? Either way I'm afraid he is pretty uncomfortable as there is a light bulb shoved up his hind end.Whaaa??
Excuse me, I'm looking for a bowl. A tiny bowl shaped like an enormous nasty foot with a giant toe sticking up. You HAVE one! Alright!

Awwww. Regreting not buying this cute little whale for my bathroom.And finally...Whaaaa??? I am at a loss for words. Well, at least it isn't a creepy cymbal playing chimpanzee freak.

Whew! My feet are tired and my belly is full from all the caramel corn. I'm taking a nap now. See ya'll next time!

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