Saturday, May 24, 2008


I've been hanging out a lot over at The Apronista. Created by the fabulous Domestic Chicky (who has an apron loving blog by the same name), The Apronsita is wonderful network of gals who adore all things aprony. Many of us make them, some of us sell them, but most importantly, we all love them.

I signed up for the first Apronista Apron Swap and had the absolute pleasure of being partnered with two wonderful ladies. I am making(this weekend) an apron for Janel, who is a sweetheart and has a lovely blog. For Janel's apron, I chose some fabrics that are outside my dork box and I if all goes as planned, I think it's going to turn out girly & pretty!

The lovely and talented Val of Yarni Gras! made an apron for me. And folks, it's a doosie! Even though we have never met, Val and I have this we're-almost-the-same-person vibe when it comes to some things. We discovered this before either of us realized she was my partner. So it made getting an apron from her that much more fun! Oooh...and Val hails from the land of Harry, so you know she's good people.
The apron she made for me could not have been more perfect! The fifties are my thing. I love and am fascinated by the clothing, the cars, the architecture, the music and the culture of that time. Have been since my teen years. So my apron sista Val goes and makes me a pink poodle apron! I LOVE it! It's Poodlerific! It's Poodletastic! It's Poodielicious!
Is it not the most adorable thing ever???

And as if that weren't enough, she goes and adds even more goodies! It was like Christmas in May, I'll tell ya! Recipe cards, tags, adorable "apron hook", beads, PEZ, a journal and check out those most excellent bookmarks! are a doll!

In addition to all of the other apron goodness that goes on, there is a monthly Apron Project for those who wish to participate.Last month, we did recycled aprons. So much fun! I made this one from an old mu-mu style house dress, a valance and a bandanna. I call it "Desperate Housedress"! Hardy har har!

This month the theme was a ruffled apron using this tutorial. Here's my submission, I couldn't think of anything clever so I'm just calling it "Lemon-Lime".Now...I know some of ya'll are closet apron girls, so why not come join us at The Apronista? Let me know if you want to join in on all the aprony fun and I'll send you an invitation!


val said...

I love your Aprons you made. I wish I had used One Moore's pattern for the ruffled one. I used a simplicity pattern....cause I'm SIMPLE and wasn't sure I'd figure out the other.....yours ROCKS!

Domestic Chicky said...

Aw, I am blushing here! I am glad so many fun women enjoy the Apronista. Your aprons are fab - love the poodle apron!!

Anonymous said...

Yum O!
You did good!
I like the lemon lime.
Do I need an invite to the apronista?
Your poodle apron rocks.

Anonymous said...

Joanie Cunningham (Happy Days) eat your heart out. I just love those poodles and the black ric rac. Just gorgeous.

Kel Luvs Pink said...

I love the pink poodles (I had an online jewelry biz called The Pink Poodle) How fun! I've never made an apron but I think I'm going to try one. I found lots of free paterns online.

P.S. I love your Van's too!

Birdie said...

sooo pretty! Your tiered one was my fave though. It's so unusual!