Friday, May 30, 2008

"You fear my butt because you don't understand it. You resist it like all the others before you, yet its power only grows...Look at it! "

Last night my friend Stacey talked me into doing this. For an HOUR.

Even though there were only six of us, I felt mostly self-conscious the entire time due to...
  • being overweight
  • having the dance skills of Elaine from Seinfeld
  • the fact that I'm ALWAYS self-conscious
  • having the dance skills of Elaine from Seinfeld
Let me tell you, there was some SERIOUS booty shaking going on. I don't know how they did butt refused to budge.

And, is it wrong that I became hypnotized by the butt action around me and got completely out of step more than once? I was reminded of Dana Carvey as George Michael on SNL. In my mind I was hearing...

"Look at it! You can't take your eyes off it, can you?! It's hypnotic! Try to look away! You can't look away! Try to look away! You can't! Look at it! Look at it!"

Despite the booty-hypnosis and my self imposed awkwardness, it was fun!! I found myself grinning more than once and I intend to go back next week.

But, man! I'm still sore!


Birdie said...

THAT'S ME!!! How'd you find my video?? *sigh* i wish. SO...did you wear a little two piece bra/shoulder cover? hee hee This thing rocks. I think I'd get a cramp. I'm all about Yoga. The woman in the pink got lost herself. No you aren't alone in the booty admiration. It's an admiration appreciation. I like to watch booty action when it comes to dancing - so I can imitate it. I always watched MTV when I was a kid so I could dance like them. If my sissy did that I'd have a fit. It's like admiring wedding cake icing. It's beautiful but you don't want to taste test it *L* No harm done. Congrats to you for steppin out & dancing like a tribal mama!

Anonymous said...

Well that IS different. I can only imagine how you coped. I would have had the giggles too much. I bet the instructor was pencil thin too was she?
Shake those hips girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you like it! I was really nervous making an apron for someone who sells aprons!!
happy summer!

val said...

hahahahaha! They teach zumba at our club too. Never tried it but now I am interested........

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

Awesome. So, does that mean we'll have to go salsa dancing when you guys get here? ;) It's real hard for me to try to dance like that without peeing myself from laughing. *lol* I bet it was a blast! :)

Anonymous said...

Whoa. I got up and tried this...pulled a muscle I'm sure of it. Hee hee. I bet you had fun and had to stifle a few laughs!
Dana Carvey, he's awesome. Miss him! and his hypnotic butt.

Oh, and NOBODY dances as bad as Elaine!

Kel Luvs Pink said...

Now that looks like some serious exercise! An hour would turn my body into Jell-O!