Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kellie Cooks Up an Apron

Taking a break from my quilt, this afternoon I decided not only would I make an apron, I would design it myself. Those of you who read this silliness know that I only started sewing back in the summer. What in the world made me think I was suddenly an apron designer, I'll never know.

Actually, that's not right I kinda DO know. One of my favorite toys as a kid was called Fashion Plates. They were little plastic plates that had pieces of clothing on them. One had a head w/hat or flippy 70's hairdos, the middle was a blouse/shirt/sweater and the bottom was pants or a skirt and maybe shorts or gauchos. You pick out your outfit, lay a piece of paper over it and then rub it with a black crayon. Next you fill it in with various designs and color with colored pencils. OH the ensembles I designed! Such style! Such flair! Such panache! I could play with that thing for HOURS. That and the giant Barbie head to whom you applied make-up and fiddled with her hair....ooh and Colorforms. I loved Colorforms too! BUT I'd have to say the fashion plates were my favorite. I played with those during my elementary school years (and if I'm telling the truth probably middle school too). In high school art classes I was constantly drawing models in various 80's outfits. I'd sketch the girls in Seventeen magazine. Sometime I'd even change around their clothing and make up my own fashions. Perhaps I was revisiting my youthful dreams of fashion design when I decided that yes, I could design an apron.

This is what I came up with on my own. No pattern, people! I did, however, use Amy Carol's Bend the Rules Sewing when it came time to attach the waistband. The fruit print fabric is vintage, given to me by my friend Sheila. It belonged to either her aunt or grandmother, I can't remember. I also used some tiny vintage yellow gingham bias binding(remind me to run screaming from this stuff in the future). I wanted it to have a bit of a 50's look and knew the vintage fabric & trim would help. All of my half apron patterns have gathered waistbands, and being of the ...ahem..."husky" build, I am not flattered by gathered waistbands, which is why I decided to use two side pleats instead(I realize now they weren't necessary). I've learned in the last few months that if you cut fabric on the bias it is a little more swingy and flowy. Technical sewing terms. So I folded my fabric on the bias as best I could and cut out a shape that I liked. The pocket was an afterthought, but it's cute!

When I started out, I had fully intended on using this for my bloggy giveaway item. But the more thought I put into it and the more I slaved over it the more attached I became and realized I can't part with it.

Somewhere there are probably apron patterns that are similar...maybe I've seen them, goodness knows I've looked at hundreds of aprons online and at the flea markets, so it is possible that I had a picture in my subconscious. If so, please don't tell me...please don't rain on my parade of creativity!

Oh, and did you notice how I didn't mention every thing wrong with it??? My bloggy friend Fiona told me to cut that out!

If you're wondering what I made at the LAST minute for my bloggy giveaway item, it's another Amazing Tea Towel Apron. Similar print to my first, but I think this one is more fall-y. Again, another technical term.


Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Oh I understand all those "technical" sewing terms. We must have the same sewing terms book. LOL.
Good girl for not mentioning the mistakes as it look fantastic. Love the fabric and how good are you to do bias binding.
Can't wait to see the Amazing Tea Towel Apron.

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

Cute, cute!

Wait, you taught yourself to sew?! And not that long ago? Congratulations!

Scott and Jackie said...

I looks GREAT!!! SOOOO cute! :) Good job Kell.