Monday, October 22, 2007

Quilt in the Works

Last week was crazy-busy. Hence the absence of much posting. I didn't have the time to blog nor to read blogs much. I worked late every day and and spent many hours of the weekend at school to boot. I don't feel like I had any down time last week, so doggone it, this week I'm going to have down time if it kills me!

This afternoon, even though I had an after school faculty meeting AND we had to grocery shopping...ugh...I managed to begin a quilt! That's right an actual, real live quilt! I used a rotary cutter for the first time ever(strangely satisfying), laid out my design and got my strips together. I'm using the Easy Lap Quilt pattern from Bend the Rules Sewing. Big surprise, huh? The fabrics aren't my favorites...they came from the bargain bin at WalMart, but I liked the colors and didn't want to spend too much money my first time out, in case I made a big mess of it. Oh, and they look better in person, too. But so far it is going well. I only sewed ONE piece on backwards! WOO HOO! I told myslef that was going to be my one and only mistake. We'll see and I'll keep you posted. I know you'll be salivating in anticipation.

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