Sunday, October 7, 2007

Itchin' for some Stitchin'

Where crafting is concerned, I have a touch of attention span jumps around, a lot. I'm still digging the sewing, mind you, but I've kinda been itching to drag out the old embroidery hoop lately.

These are a few projects that I've started and a year later(two in one case) have yet to finish. I guess ot
her projects got in the making, scrapbooking, building a new house, life...

This one I started
as a shower gift for a friend who got married nearly two summers ago. I've started on them two other times thinking I would finish them for other people's wedding gifts. I've decided to give it another shot and give them to the person for whom they were originally intended!! How's that for a novel idea!I picked up these vintage tea towels a couple of years ago at a local antique mall and knew immediately they would have French poodles on them. At the time, I never imagined that TWO YEARS LATER they'd be unfinished!Anthro fruits & veggies are my favorite subject for embroidery! I've made one set for Jackie(my sis') and one for Shea(my bro') . These were supposed to be for me!And now, I've gone and bought this! Jenny Hart's Sublime Stitching book! I've wanted it forever and I finally coughed up the money and bought it.
Basically, I've taught myself how to embroider. A friend of mine gave me her old stitch diagram from the 60's and another gal I work with has shown me some stitches here and there. But other than that, I do a lot of trial and error. Thankfully, there is a solid section on different types of stitches and how to work them in the book. Maybe now I can finally learn those stitches I've just sorta been playing around with! I might add, the patterns in this book are so stinkin' cute that I couldn't have passed it up even without that awesome "stitching school"!

Although I haven't done an embroidery in a while, it is one of my favorite hobbies. It's comfortable and relaxing to me. Yeah, I know some folks may see it as an old fashioned granny hobby, but I like that it's old fashioned! Perhaps that's what feels comfortable to me about grandmothers all did some type of needlework. I also appreciate (very much)that it doesn't require any type of technology to embroider ! OK, I just realized that last sentence sounds a little like Michael Scott from this week's episode of the office! ha! Don't get me wrong, technology is great, really. I use it on a daily basis and would be lost without my computer, cell phone, ipod, etc. But don't you think our world moves awfully fast? Does anyone else long for a little simplicity every once in a while? There I go again....I'm too young to be talking this way! Sheesh!

ANYWAY...I guess what I'm trying to say is that sometimes it's nice to just slow down, park myself on the couch and use a needle, some thread and my own two hands to make something pretty.


*BB* said...

Isn't emboidery great for making you slow down and feel the project grow in your hands? It's a slow art but so much fun. I love some of the transfers in Sublime Stitching.

And I LOVE your photo of the week! The comment is so true. The playground looks so over the top now.

Kellie said...

You're right BB. I even have to slow my thinking down when I embroider or I make a mess and end of with knots galore!

My brothers and I put a lot of time in on the crazy McDonald's playgrounds of the 70's. Everything seems so slick now vs.the klunky and kitschy world we grew up in...just not as much fun!