Sunday, October 14, 2007

Randomness Revisted

This is what my embroidery thread stash looked like. No wonder it took me so long to pick it back up. Digging through that mess would drive anyone to distraction! So I've been working on it and now it looks like this. Much better! Went to Walmart today. Mark had to buy some gadgety thing for the lawn mower. Me, I mosey back to the fabrics/craft dept. for some embroidery thread. Now that it is organized, I know what colors I need. I get to where I'm going only to discover they no longer carry embroidery thread!!! WHAT? NOOOO! WalMart has muscled in and pushed all the little guys out of business...they are the only store in town where you can buy anything remotely craft supply like. How DARE they stop selling what I need! Curse you WalMart! Now I will have to drive 45 min. and spend nearly 30 bucks in gas to get to a JoAnn Fabrics in order to buy .25 embroidery floss! Stupid WalMart.

An embroidery work in progress.

I made these cute checkbook covers using Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing book. VERY simple to make (as the title of the book would suggest) and fun to use! I think I need one for every season and some for gifting! I need to spend some more quality time with that book.

Speaking of books, got this one recently. Terribly cute projects inside!! Except for the stuffed poop. WHY would someone want to make a poop doll? Now ya'll know I'm all for being silly and I enjoy things that are on the wacky side, I really do! But a poop doll? I don't get it.

My one and only Halloween decoration: a vintage 50's light up jack-o-lantern and black cat. I love it! I'd like to have more Halloween decor, but I just can't seem to find what I want, or maybe I don't know what I want...

And on the cooking front. I know that making salad is not technically cooking, but this was soooo yummy I thought I'd share. My grandmother made a similar salad for my brother and me last weekend. I tried to reproduce it today. Nothin' to it really, but I'd never had this type of salad before and it's now one of my favorite things! Mamaw Doris used iceberg lettuce and milder apples, but I used what we had on hand. Toss together: dark leafy green lettuces, gala apple chunks, crushed pecans and shredded carrots. I think it may be a variation on a Waldorf Salad. Whatever you call it, it was tasty.

OK, ok, ok! I realize this has been one random post! I'll try to focus on just one topic next time :)


Debs said...

It is great you are getting your stuff organized. My floss is now in a huge mess. I cross stitch and I feel your pain about Wal-Mart. In this small town no one will carry the thread. I will have to order on line.

Cute embroidery work! I love your checkbook covers. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't care how random your blog is, I just love reading/laughing/catching up on what your up to.
Floss box looks ever so organised. That would be a good day for me.
Don't you hate it when you can't get what you want.....
I can never get bag straps in the thickness that I want.
I'm trying another town. See what happens.....

*BB* said...

Hahahaha ewwwwwwwwwww a stuffed poop!!! I had to show the boyfriend that one.

Love the floss box. I have three :-) I organised them by number but your colour coding is so pretty!

randi---i have to say said...

I noticed that Wallyworld was out of floss as well, but i didn't know it was a permanent thing! We are also about an hour from Joannes---arghhh!