Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm Blabbering ...and a Halloween Apron

It's 9:30 a.m. Second day of Fall Break. My house is clean. I have a bag full of DVDs borrowed from Shea and an embroidery project to work on this morning(while watching yet undetermined movie). Later today I'm meeting my friend Heather to take some photos of her family at the city park. It's a sunny, breezy and our forecast is calling for mid 80's. Harry Connick Jr's OH my Nola CD is playing on my itunes. It's gonna be a good day!

I might add that yesterday--first day of Fall break--was a great day! Managed, with the help of two friends, to box up the other half of my school library and be back home before 2:00. Watched Young Guns. What a good movie. I had forgotten how much fun(though bloody) that movie was. Here's the thing that bugged me about it, though. Right in the middle of this WESTERN there was a block of cheesy 80's synthesizer music. It played during the end credits too. WHAT? They couldn't find genre specific or historically appropriate music for the film in the 80's???? I guess it wouldn't have been an 80's movie without it. Still, good movie. Caught the new show Journeyman---time travel fascinates me---and enjoyed it. I worked on some embroidery last night as well. It's amazing how enjoyable the day is and much I can accomplish when I don't have to go to work!

Finished up this Halloween apron yesterday too! I didn't know it at the time, but I chose a pattern that was WAY to difficult for a beginner! Butterick Pattern B4945 for those of you who are wondering. Spent about six hours working on it(not all at once) and there were lots of directions on the pattern I didn't understand. With my mother out of the country, I had to go it alone on this one and couldn't call her wehn I didn't know what I was doing.. Much seam ripping was done and there are still some stitches that I need to remove. Lots of things that aren't evident in the photo are wrong. Considering all this, I'm proud of it! It's darn cute when I don't scrutinize every little detail and mistake! I may even wear it to work on Halloween!


Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Are you on holidays again? Or is this a different part of the country?
Love the apron and stop telling us what is wrong with it. We can't see. Love that you wear it to work on Halloween.
Thanks for sharing your movies. I watch Flashdance the other day. Not as good as I thought. My daughter wouldn't sit and enjoy it with me.

Debs said...

I love this apron! The ribbon is the perfect touch.

I adore it!

my house is cuter than yours said...

hey!!! cute!