Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bloggy Mail!

Yesterday I come home from work and find a little package in my mailbox. My new bloggy friend Pinky sent me these fantabulous Taste of Home Cooking magazines. She knows this about me:
1. I can't even cook!
2. I am a magazine JUNKIE. Seriously, I can't leave Walmart or Kroger without a magazine....of course I pay for them. I didn't mean it like it sounded!!! I will definately be pouring over these in the next few weeks!

Along witht he magazines came some gorgeous notecards in my favorite colors! Handmade, of course! They are so lovely it's going to break my heart to actually use them! :) So very sweet of her! Thanks a million, Pinky!

Speaking of Pinky...you have GOT to see Mr. Happy Face Toast Man. She opened up a loaf of Eziekel bread and one of the slices of bread was smiling at her! True Story!! He's currently for sale on ebay! Check it out the ebay auction here, for a good giggle! Oh, but hurry he's only got a day to go! Personally, I think she should contact Leno...she could be just like that old lady with the potato chips that looked like other things...remember her?

I actually recieved this next piece of mail about a week/week and a half ago. It's my wonderful apron from Sommer Designs. I won it on my favorite apron-related blog, The Apronista. I meant to post it sooner, but I kept thinking I'd get a better picture and finally realized if I kept waiting for a picture of myself that I liked, I'd never show it off! :D Feel free to drool and be envious! Of the apron, not the fat rolls.And since I'm on the subject of Apronista giveaways... The Apronista is giving away MORE aprons this week! CHeck out these lovelies from Be-Bops Pary Wear and the to die for styles over at Creative Outlet Designs. Remember, if you aren't into aprons enter anyway and when you win just re-gift it to me at Christmas!


*BB* said...

I have my own fat rolls to console me but the apron is beautiful!

Pinky said...

Drool, drool, love the Paris toille, and it looks good on you!
Yay for you!

Pinky said...

forgot to add...I'm so glad you liked the package goodies! Enjoy and use up those cards, there's always more!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

thanks for mentioning my aprons and your sweet compliments too! The apron looks great on you!