Friday, December 28, 2007

To the Flea Market!!!

This morning, Mark and I are off to the Louisville flea market bright and early. Sometimes we find lots of goodies, and sometimes everything I want is ridiculously over priced and I end up with nothing to show for the day but some caramel corn! Mark likes to take his sweet time and look at every single item in every single booth(I exaggerate a teeny bit) in the antiques/vintage area while I scan quickly and only stop when I spot something interesting. So I'm normally through the old and the new stuff and ready to go home an hour before he is ever through looking at the antique stuff. This year, I'm taking my ipod and a book. This way, when I'm through looking/shopping I can find a spot to sit and read rather than follow him around and grouch about being slow!

But I'm going in with high hopes, so maybe I'll have some fun finds to fill you in on!

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Domestic Chicky said...

Excellent idea to bring the ipod and the book...although it would probably be me that is wandering around while hubby reads...LOL