Monday, December 31, 2007

Final Five Handmade Christmas Gifts

These are the last of the gifts that I made for Chirstmas '07.

I made half aprons for my girlfriends(quicker, had more to make). When those were done, I went a little crazy and decided to make two full aprons, knowing they'd be harder, take longer, and I might not finish them in time! But this pattern was so cute, I couldn't resist trying. It's called Flirty Skirty from the Threaded Pear(but I got mine on ebay). It is supposed to have pockets on the apron skirt, but I couldn't get that to look right, so I put a pocket on the bib instead. The red teapot/cherry print apron was a gift for my grandmother Doris. I left off the ric-rac trim. Mamaw Doris isn't a ric-rac kind of lady.I found this yellow cherry print fabric at our local quilt shop and had to have it. It made a perfect apron for my sister -in-law Robbie. She liked the ric-rac trim, as do I. I am definitely a ric-rac kinda gal and I'm pretty sure I NEED one of these aprons for myself.I also made three lap quilts. Those went to my brother Shea, my sister Jackie, and her husband Scott. I had some full length pics of the quilts I made for Jackie and Scott which I've somehow lost. Maybe they will send me a full shot of them. Hint, Hint. For Jackie's I used some really fun yet girly fabrics I found at JoAnn Fabrics. Her quilt top is strippy pieced and I am pretty proud of it. Much prettier than my first attempt. As with that first quilt, I used the easy lap quilt pattern from Bend the Rules Sewing. Scott's quilt is a funky black & white fabric I bought at Hancock's. It was already laid out in strips so I only needed to find a coordinating backing fabric, machine quilt it together and apply the binding. I really like the way it turned out...and it was quick..which was good('cause Jack's took forever!). Sadly they still didn't make it to Poland in time for our family Christmas Eve Gift Opening Extravagana! But they did arrive shortly thereafter.Aren't they adorable?! I'm talkin' bout the kids, not the quilts.

This next quilt was for my brother Shea. This is in the pre-assembly stage. It's a good idea to take pics of these strippy quilts before putting them together....I'd never have remember the layout if I hadn't.Here's the finished version. These fabrics also came from my local quilt shop and are reproduction fabrics from the Civil War Era. I love the dark fabric and subtle prints. On this one, I tried something new and made the binding myself. It took a little longer and I hit a few snags, but I like it better than the pre-made stuff...MUCH easier to hand stitch and it just looks nicer.

Everyone seemed happy with their handmade gifts and I'm glad I decided to go that route. But next year, I am getting an earlier start. I barely finished them all in time for Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

You are one serious sewing chick.
Lovely quilts and aprons.
You should start and ETSY store!
Pinky, Jen, whatever!