Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Aprons

Several posts back I mentioned that I was attempting to make a Christmas apron for my sister. At the time, I was fighting with pockets and was tempted to chuck the whole thing and start over on an easier pattern. I couldn't figure out how in the world I was going to put on all the piping and ruffle trim the pattern called for when I couldn't sew a decent pocket! It was a mess. Instead of scrapping the whole project, I scrapped just the pockets, ruffles and piping and persevered. In the end, I had what I thought was a really nice little apron! I made matching coasters and napkins for her and Scott using the leftover fabric. FYI: matching napkins and coaster sets make quick & easy gifts, fellow novice sewers! The goodies made it safely to Poland in plenty of time for the Christmas season! The pattern I used for this apron was Simplicity 3701(somewhat altered). The coasters and napkins instructions can be found in the book Bend the Rules Sewing.

I have yet to make a Christmas apron for myself, but as luck would have it, I have two vintage Christmas aprons just in case I don't get to it(I have plenty of fabric, but little time). This first one I found at a local antique mall. A bargain at 7 bucks. The appliqu├ęd reindeer pocket is so sweet. That someone took the time to design and meticulously hand stitch that little fellow and his holly garland onto this apron makes it so special. I adore it!

Equally adorable is this vintage print apron. I don't think it shows up in the photo but the red stitching is very "fancy". I found this apron when Mark and I went to the 4-H flea market a while back. I bought something like 7 aprons that day! This is among my favorites. It was an even bigger bargain than the reindeer apron at only 3 dollars! Don'tcha love a good bargain?

STILL haven't got all my Christmas gifts made. STILL don't have my decorations up, despite Fiona telling me to get with it! :) But I will get with it this week! I promise! I've NEVER not had my Christmas tree up by this late date!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That apron turned out so cute!!! You did a great job! I love the idea of coasters and napkins, too.
I'm about finished with my sewing, I've been highly motivated since I'm working on a borrowed sewing machine. I feel icky keeping it too long.
Merry Chri-Muh,