Sunday, December 30, 2007

Things I Did Not Buy at the Antique & Toy Mall

We left home early Saturday morning to head for the Kentucky Flea Market in Louisville. Arrived in Louisville about an hour before the flea mkt. opened, so we(meaning Mark) decided to hit up the Louisville Antique & Toy Mall. Sounds like a big, huge place overflowing with antiques and toys, doesn't it? It's not. It's fairly small and there were lots of glass cases used for displaying items. HEY! I like to touch the things I buy. I don't want to have to go bug someone to open a case for me, only to discover I don't really want to pay 55 bucks for a 30 year old scarf. Anyone else get aggravated at the cases in those shops? Anyhow, glass cases or no, I DID find some things of interest in the shop and I DID manage to keep myself entertained the hour or so we spent in there. Take a look at what I didn't buy!

I didn't buy any of these....but I always want to. I think something about lumping them together and filling them with little white Styrofoam pellets makes them appealing to me. One or two empty old milk bottles wouldn't be nearly as appealing.
I also didn't buy these cute long neck pink cat salt & pepper shakers. But at 3 bucks, someone will! Aren't they darling!?
I saw this lunchbox and thought of Shea. Not 'cause he had one. At least I don't think he did... But I know he's a fan of Robin Hood. How could anyone not be? It's one of my favorite Disney flicks too.
Try as he might, Mark's just not a musician or singer, bless his heart. He doesn't appear to be terribly thrilled to pose for a picture either!
THIS GUY...He was a singer. Aaaah. See him back there, tucked between the tennis balls and the photo of some old cowboy? Andy Gibb! You remember Andy Gibb right? I'm 11 again...hairbrush in hand, sing it loud. "For so long, you and me been finding each other for so long"...SING IT WITH ME...."and the feeling that I feel for you is more than strong girl! Take it from me"... I can see you are not into this. I'll stop singing now.

I got a little goofy after the Andy Gibb spotting.
HOW... can you act like such an idiot? That's what Chief Stuck-in-Glass-Case would say if he could speak.
These army guys looked like fun.
But not as much fun as the Medieval Knights Jousting set! This was truly cool.
AND LOOK. Fred and Dino! I didn't know this toy existed! Of course, the Flinstones were a little before my time...but I've watched a ton of episodes in re-runs! That reminds me of another song...but I'll let Weird Al sing this one.

Another toy I'd never seen. Looks like loads of fun!
This immediately caught my eye. A red pig wearing a jaunty hat. Everyone needs a jaunty hat!
If you get shoplifting in the antique and toy mall tiny policemen drive up and hop out of this car and poke you in the knees.
Like the milk bottles, I am strangely drawn to these chicken bowls.
And just when things were going well and I was having an enjoyable time at the antique mall I turn a corner and inside(thankfully) one of those glass casessits ...Holy Crap!...a creepy cymbal playing chimpanzee freak!
I only stood still long enough to snap a picture and I was outta that aisle! Safe from my run in with the CCPCF but still panting, I paused a moment to catch my breath. I decided to venture into the back room and turned another corner. DANGIT if there wasn't another creepy cymbal playing chimpanzee freak! This one was ten times more scary than the first. It was laying on a table filled with harmless nick-nacks staring up at me all spread eagle with those vacant eyes. I swear it looked like it might attack at any moment. I actually stepped back and actually gasped (a small one, but it was a gasp)when I saw it. Is that blood on it's fingers and toes?? Ugh! Full Body Shivers. I can't get away from these things! Is this a cruel joke? Is this an indication of what awaits me at the flea market?


Pinky said...

Ahhh, Kellie. It's been so long since I've enjoyed a good trip to a flea market. Thank you so much for taking me along with you on this lovely trip...the milk bottles, the chicken bowles...the Flinstone toy...the CREEPY CYMBAL PLAYING CHIMPANZEE FREAK!!!! ARGGGGGG!!!!! Whyyy? Why do you do that to us, your loyal readers? Your loyal flocks and masses? Now I will be forced to drink warm milk, watch reruns of Lawrence Welk, listen to Harry Connick Jr., eat dark chocolate, pet my doggie, dance the polka, and tell five knock-knock jokes all just to avoid dreaming about the CCPCF! Jeeze! (In case you didn't know, those are all the things you have to do to erase bad inmages from your mind, to avoid bad dreams....duh.)
Now I'll be up till ....a lot later!

Pinky said...

See how upset I was by CCPCF? I signed "Pinky" instead of "Jen".
I'm just flustered.
That's all.

Stephanie said...

I believe Stephen King has a short story about one of those critters...
Apparently they scare him, too.

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

How fun!!! I wish I could have that much fun going to the flea market. Glad you had a good time!!
Aside from the cymbal playing chimpanzee freak....blech!!! Nightmares.

P.S. I'll work on full length pics of the blankets. :)

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, did you buy a chicken bowl? i like them. someone has some,but i cant remember who. keely