Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Music

Even though I don't have any of my decorations out yet(still have scarecrows on the front porch) I am finding myself in a Christmas mood. I think it must be the music. I love love love Christmas music. Always have. So I wanted to share a little of that joy with you between now and Christmas. We begin with Harry. Who else would I begin with? Here's Harry Connick Jr. singing When my Heart finds Christmas. OK, the video is a just a teeny tiny tad cheesy, but it's Harry ya'll! Did I ever tell ya'll about the time I saw Harry Connick Jr. in concert? FOUR times! Once had front row seats and it was amazing! That voice! Smooth as silk.

After Harry, check out Ralphie's Radio on live365, playing Christmas music from the 40's and 50's. I fell in love with it instantly! Traditional and classic songs and some songs that must have been popular in the day along with some novelty songs. So much fun! However, while I was listening, I must have misheard some lyrics: I heard what I think was a Gene Autry song called Sleigh Bells. I could SWEAR that there was a line that said: "Hear the horsie's poopie drop...plop! plop! plop! plop! plop!." It was late and I was tired but I think those were the lyrics. Does anyone know this song?Someone PLEASE tell me I was delirious! Regardless Ralphie's Radio will put you in the Christmas spirit!


*BB* said...

LMAO you had me checking google for the lyrics but I can't find them. I REALLY want to hear that song now.

Anonymous said...

i believe it says something like, hoeses hoves clomping. now ill have to find out for sure. your so crazy. keely

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

Scott and I have decided that whether or not those are the right lyrics...they're definitly the best and if the song wasn't written that definitely should have been. Crack me up.

Oh...thanks for makin' my day with some Harry! I'm REALLY missin' my Harry cds...I'm SO MAD I cannot find them anywhere! It's just not Christmas without Harry. :(

Pinky said...

those eyes, those lips, now I must distract myself so I won't think about it all day! I wouldn't doubt if those were the real lyrics!! Crazy cowboy musicians!

val said...

baby, don't you know harry's from Naw'lins........course his voice is SMOOOOOOOOOOOTH!