Sunday, December 2, 2007

Uncommonly Good Weigh In

Yesterday I finished up cycle 1 of the Extreme Fat Smash Diet. I am absolutely thrilled to report that I lost a total of 6.5 pounds. 6.5!! Crazy, right? Apparently, this diet works! At least cycle one did anyway ;) My brother, who is doing along with me, lost 10 pounds this week! WOO HOO x 2!!

Last week I mentioned how sick I was of rice and beans. Truly though, it hasn't been that bad. Maybe that's the -6 pounds talking! This week I am going to experiment a bit more with the beans and rice. I'm gonna try out my friend Rhonda's Red Beans and Rice recipe. I'll also attempt to add a few different veggies to my list. Ya'll know the only veggies I like are the white ones(except cauliflower) and the yellow ones(except squash and yellow peppers)!

I'm not going to lie, I have been kinda hungry. Four meals a day plus two snacks are recommended, so really, I probably should not be that hungry. I'll continue to work on timing my meals a little better to prevent that hungry feeling this week. It's also been tough getting up at 5a.m. every morning to get in half of that exercise time, but 6.5 pounds gone makes it VERY worthwhile.

My goal for this week is to keep doing what I've been doing and add water to that. I have not been drinking the recommended amount of water. I wonder if I'd have lost more had I been doing that?

For you who are curious, here is a sample of one of the daily menus from Cycle One:
BREAKFAST: 1 cup cooked oatmeal & one c. fruit or veggie juice(fresh) OR 1 piece of fruit
MEAL 2: 1 small fruit smoothie less than 200cal. or protein shake less than 200 c al.
MEAL 3: 1 c. cooked beans, chickpeas or lentils, 1 cup cooked brown rice, 1 serving veggies
MEAL 4: 4 oz. fish, chicken, turkey or lean sirloin, 1/2 large baked sweet potato, 2 servings veggies
OPTIONAL: 2 snacks, 100 calories or less, 1 cup fat free or low fat milk. Plus the free snacks, which are carrots, radishes, dill pickles, hard boiled egg whites, and celery.
EXERCISE: 55 min. cardio

Ooooh! I get to eat bread(wheat/whole grain only) and cereal(unsweetened) during Cycle Two!! I've been looking forward to it, believe you me!

So last week, it was all about the diet and trying to keep it up. I wish I had some fun sewing projects to share. I wish I could have made it around to your blogs. I wish I didn't have TWO weight loss posts in a row. I was at work late every day last week and on this diet I had to come home and cook, eat, exercise, wash dishes and get the kitchen back in order. In what seemed like an hour or two, I had to turn around and cook again and then eat again and then wash dishes again! Had to get to bed no later than 9:30 in order to drag myself up at 5:00a.m.! Crafty time & blog reading time just didn't happen last week. Let's hope I can get back to it this week...I've missed it.


Monique said...

Wow those are amazing results! Keep up the good work!

J. Shea Stanley said...

Way to go Sis!!! REmeber...Blue Bunny frozen yogurt...mmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

You go Girl !!!!!
Is Christmas going to play havoc with your great progress.
I'm going to start AFTER Xmas so I don't ruin my diet over Xmas.

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

YAY! Good job Kell!! Glad you get to eat bread this week! WOOOHOO! :)
I like the "goal ruler" CUTE! :)

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

YAY! Good job Kell!! Glad you get to eat bread this week! WOOOHOO! :)
I like the "goal ruler" CUTE! :)

Anonymous said...

2-4-6-8 Look at that girl loose that weight, she's awesome, yeah, yeah, she's awesome!

This cheer was brought to you by your Bloggy Fan Club!

Sounds like you're doing great. Keep it up and enjoy the HECK out of that bread!


Jan B said...

You are really doing great! The diet seems to have some really great healthy foods on it. I sure wish I could eat dairy, it is so good for you, but I am so allergic. Take care and I bet next week is equally awesome!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Awesome job, but man with all those beans you all are consuming please don't light a match! LOL!

Keep up the good work!

Lisa Kay said...

Way to go!!

I love Dr. Ian from Celebrity Fit Club - I think he has a realistic picture of healthy eating.

Best wishes to you - you are well on your way!

Mama Bear June said...

Wow, those are amazing results! Congrats on a great loss!
Path to Health

Life, Love and Goldfish said...

WTG!! That is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job! I'm here by way of Tales from the Scales :) I will be starting Fat Smash tomorrow - the 1st version, not the extreme version. From looking over your menu, I think the biggest difference is that the original doesn't allow meats in Phase I. Congrats on the weight loss!