Friday, September 19, 2008

Avast, me hearties and beware...for here there be pirates!

Today 'twas Talk Like A Pirate Day, mates!

Our teachers & staff really got into the spirit of the day. They rock!My principal made a "phone call" over the intercom to let the entire student body know she had been captured by pirates who were in league with those who had taken over the school for the day. She called back several times throughout the day to update the students on her status as a captive.One of the kindergarten classes wrote a letter to the pirates and sent them a treasure chest filled with books in exchange for our principal. They decided the reason pirates had captured her was because they wanted her to teach them to read! So cute!I, of course, had a ball traipsing around the building, reading to the children and refusing to answer to any name other than "Mad Bess Bonney" my pirate name courtesy of the Pirate Name Generator. Our principal(photo above) also went from room to room reading pirate stories...the students looooove it when she acts silly. They're used to it from me. One of our primary teachers, Bloody Jack Flint (or something like that) helped out w/reading stories too...he made a fine scallywag scurvy dog pirate! Southern Belle Mama was my co-conspiritor in getting TLAPD going! Next nine weeks...LUAU!
We had a party for some of the wee pirates in the library media center. On the menu...grog, Chips Ahoy and Goldfish. Hats courtesy of Long John Silvers! By the end of the day, some o' the pirates were gettin' a might punchy.
'Twas a good day! But me voice is gone and me bones is weary. This pirate be headin' for the sweet solace of slumber. 'G'Night me hearties!


Birdie said...

how fun! You be the BEST PIRATE EVER *L* Arg!

Patty said...

What a fun day!

Yarni Gras! said...

how fun! I wish I had been there!

Angie said...

How fun! You're the coolest!

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

LOVE IT!!! Ya look very piratey matey! :) You're so funny :)