Thursday, September 25, 2008

She Stitches!

Finally finished up a stitching project! I started on this last year when my dad was having surgery...thought it would keep my hands out of the chips and my mind occupied during the wait. I pulled it out again a few weeks ago when he was having the second round of back surgery. Since I already have approximately 11,358 tea towels and room for no more, Jackie took them off my hands when I was finished.

The designs are from a vintage pattern set called Happy Fruit that I purchased on Pattern Bee. Pattern Bee also offers some free patterns!

Today I am taking a "mental health day" off work. I will be on the couch, watching a movie and working on this new project for at least two hours today. This gal is from a pattern set called Spaced Out from Sublime Stitching. They have a new pattern set called Sexy Librarians. I think I need it.

Off to the couch with me!


Anonymous said...

Great stitching! I so want a library book bad with the sexy librarian pattern stitched on it.

Anonymous said...

Great patterns, great stitching.... I might get my scotch & coke and join you on the couch tonight.....

Yarni Gras! said...

very cute! Love the space girl!

Anonymous said...

Spectacular stitches!
Love the space girl.
I hope you had a great mental health day. I need one!