Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weight Watchers has me getting reaquainted with my sewing machine...

As I've mentioned, I am not so good at the points tracking portion of Weight Watchers. I don't waaaannnnna write down everything I eat she whines.

Still, I want to stick with the program and be successful. I know that writing down what I eat and tracking daily points is a huge part of that. Therefore, I'm tracking.

I'm not crazy about the free trackers they give out at the WW meetings. They're too small and there's absolutely no cute factor there...and I need cute, people!

With that in mind(and feeling I'm spending way too little time w/my sewing machine) I decided to make myself a new tracking journal.

I picked up a small notebook and began digging through my fat quarters. Using some FQ I got in a swap and a tutorial that I found here, I ended up with this.I did think to add a flap and Velcro closure to the pattern. I would like to try this again w/some stiffer fabrics or perhaps a layer of interfacing. A pen pocket and a pocket to hold my points finder thingy would be a nice addition too. This won't be the last of these that I was fairly quick and easy and I think just as a journal they'd make nice gifts.

I think it'll make tracking points at least a little more bearable. BTW---good news to share on Monday about my weigh-in this week! Yay!

And yes, those are cupcakes on a WW points tracker journal. Hee hee hardy har! I kill me!


Kel Luvs Pink said...

Very crafty! I like the irony of the cupcakes on the fabric. You may find some drool spots on it the longer you stick to WW!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I've wanted to make one for ages to protect my poor battered notebooks and books but I'm lazy. I love the tab idea too, cuter than a rubber band!

And the cupcakes are just cruel!! Oh they look good right now...the smily faces out of lollies...

Anonymous said...

Way cute, lady. Way cute!
I was gonna say something about the cupcakes, but you beat me to it.

My aunt made one of these for Big Sis and she did use interfacing. In fact, she used cardboard inside of the fabric. It's pretty sturdy.

Scott and Jackie Newman said...