Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shiver me timbers!

This Friday is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. And come on, when you have license to talk like a pirate, why would you NOT? Get yer swashbucklin' duds together, practice yer "Aaarrrggghhhsss! an' join me in celebratin' this fun an' silly holiday!My principal OK'd TLAPD at school! WooHoo! Or should I say Yo Ho!!!

Me plan is t' bust in unannounced an' take o'er as many o' th' classrooms in me school as possible! While I be thar I`ll read a Pirate story o' course!

And in the afternoon some of my swashbuckling colleagues and I are going to "kidnap" a child from each classroom(as a good behavior reward) and take them to the library for a pirate party! I have a couple more ideas up me sleeve should be a hoot! Have I told you being a school librarian is the most awesome job ever?

I set out yesterday afternoon and found what I think may be the perfect swashbuckler costume(on a budget of course) at the Goodwill Store. I also picked up a fine Pirate hat along with some other pirate essentials and got this arm art in honor of pirates everywhere.For my friends who have children, allow me to recommend a few fun pirate picture books. All available on Amazon and most likely at your public library!. I'll also encourage you to search online for tons of fun pirate related websites w/history and crafts so you and yours can get in on the fun too!

I've read these first two to students in the library numerous times and they are always a hit.Also Fun...You can't go wrong with the Magic Tree House books.I love this one...This one tickles me...
And this is my book of choice Friday when my pirate alter ego goes bursting into classrooms.Nonfiction books about pirates. The first pictured is one in a series of four or five books. My students love them.
LinkAnd for older students(and adults---without question) I give you one of my all time favorite books. Highly entertaining. have four and a half days to read about pirates, watch some pirate movies and brush up on your pirate speak! Go to the library, watch Pirates of the Carribean and come back Friday for some photos(I hope) and share how you celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day!


Yarni Gras! said...

crackin me up matey! I have sub orientation that day.....can you just see me signing up with a parrot on my shoulder! HA!

Her Shabbyness: Sweet 'n Southern said...

How fun!!

Anonymous said...

Arrrg, matey.

If I could stare at Johnny Depp all day long, I wouldn't talk..just drool.

Librarians ROCK.
My mommy's one!

Angie said...

Too fun! You'll have to post about how it goes!