Friday, June 8, 2007

...another hobby...

I forgot to mention this hobby in my last post. I really enjoy doing embroidery and have been at it off and on for about three years now. Nothing terribly elaborate or complicated. My favorite thing to embroider are dish towels, although I have a table runner, a pillow case and a couple tablecloths waiting to be embroidered. My favorite subject for embroidery are anthropomorphic dishes, fruits, veggies and whatnot. Call me a nutjob, but there's something about a smiling face on a dancing stalk of celery that just makes me giddy! I think once I get the sewing thing down, it might be nice to incorporate the two somehow. Here's a look at some of my towels.
I made this set of anthro dishes DOW towels for Trish as a Christmas gift.

Made a set of Chef DOW towels for Mom for Mother's Day a while back.

These were just for fun!

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