Thursday, June 7, 2007

Newest Obsessions

I've had a few hobbies...

There are the "collecting things" hobbies...I collect PEZ, I've collected ENID COLLINS and other vintage purses. Currently, only Enid wooden box purses interest me...I can't afford the flashy lucite ones, so I don't bother. Vintage tablecloths are one of my favorite things. When I was a little girl and through my teens I collected miniature cups and saucers from different states. And then there was that embarrassing period in the 90's when I went hog wild over beenie babies.

Then we have the "doing things" hobbies. Painting. Mostly on clothing...made lots of $$$ doing that one. Selling vintage clothing on ebay was also a paying hobby and fun...good excuse to hit up the thrift stores on a weekly basis. Let's see I tole painted for while (right before the shirt thing). I make jewelry and do some scrapbooking (neither recently, however).

And of course, more recently, the cooking thing. Which probably shouldn't be considered a hobby, should it? But my most MOST recent obsession has become aprons. Weird, I know. I don't know where I get it... Anyway, I've picked up a few vintage aprons at flea market/antique malls and the more I get, the more I want! And now to add yet another hobby, I've decided to learn to sew. And I'm learning by sewing aprons of course! I have no fewer than FIVE apron patterns and a walmart bag full of fabric and I really don't know what I'm doing. Like cooking, I have to call Mom half way through a project (all one of 'em) and ask for help over the phone! ANd like any good hobbyist, I've found websites related to aprons, flickr galleries on aprons and have even ordered two books on the subject. Is ordering books on Amazon a hobby? Cause I do that A LOT!

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