Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Randomness for Rhonda

My friend Rhonda is one of the people that I know reads this drivel...or is it my case it could be either. SO in order to keep her (and yes, myself) entertained, I present "Randomness for Rhonda!" I will post SOMETHING totally random once a week. Not sure what day I'll do it AND I don't know what the post will be. Randomness, get it? ....maybe a picture I've taken or pulled off the web, maybe a website or if I can ever get all techie like Shea I can post you tube videos and music.

Without further ado, here's this week's Randomness for you Rhonda.

From around the house...anthro pear S&P...aren't they cute?


Rhonda said...

You are truely an angel what would I do without you. Don't feel guilty for my deep dark depression I will live through you at least for the summer until I get back to those wonderful Pride falcons. You need to add this website to your random and fun websites its you can click on the page for tests and it will pop up various tests from personality tests to IQ tests we won't discuss how many of these I took part in yesterday alone. Today is looking much brighter a road trip to Walmart to check out what is waiting next to the check outs and Lowes where I am sure I will have a nervous breakdown since things are stacked to the ceiling in there you know. Anyways thanks for the random comments for me I might just have to look into this blog thing hopefully I could have at least one person who would read it. Of course you have already named it I can see it in lights now Randomness from Rhonda!!!! AHH the stardome!!!!

Kellie said...

You Star, you!!! I've checked it out and it looks great! I've already spent WAY too much time on the personality tests. SO FUN! I'm adding it to my random and fun websites, for sure! When you go to Lowes, just don't look up!