Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tales from the Scales Tuesday

I came a cross the Tales from the Scales weight loss challenge this week and thought it might be one more thing to help keep me on track. However, I didn't start the challenge six weeks ago like everyone else, but decided to jump in anyway. I did start WW (again) eight weeks ago. I was doing good, no, great actually. But as I've already mentioned this week, I got a bit off track. For two weeks I have done nothing remotely Weight-Watchery! In fact from Thursday of last week till Sunday of this week, I ate everything not nailed down...and it was GOOOD! The giant cheese logs at Pattis, the junk food at home, regular Cokes, REAL full fat ice cream, a delicious chicken & rice dish at the Real Hacienda, just to name a few of my indulgences.

Here's the bad news...after two weeks off program, I gained weight. Here's the good news...I only gained .4 pounds! .4! Not EVEN a whole pound! And I have to admit...it was totally worth it! But I realize, of course, that those little numbers DO creep up until they are bigger numbers and it is time to reign it in. Now, normally I weigh in on Thursdays at WW, so for the challenge, I may post on Thursdays after weigh-in and just link back to it on Tuesdays for the other challenge gals. But wanted to post today since it's my first week to be in on the challenge. I have read a few of their entries this morning, and it nice to hear how other people deal with the whole weight loss/gain game. I am pleased (with myself) to report that yesterday I managed to write everything down, drink water and exercise! I felt great all day, so I plan to do it again today and tomorrow and so on and so forth, etc., etc.

On another note, I am trying out a recipe today! Imagine! It's the reason I started this blog in the first place! Had a plan & a goal so that I wouldn't ramble aimlessly, and I still managed to end up rambling aimlessly anyway!! :) Anyhow, the recipe I'm thinking of is an easy potato one, so check back again later and I'll tell you how it went!


Denise said...

Welcome to the challenge, glad you are here. I wish you much success.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Welcome to the challenge. I hope it helps!

Nancy said...

Welcome. I would love to hear about your overall progress too! And you could link to the potato recipe at Tales tomorrow...it's side dish recipe day!

Robin said...

Welcome to the Challenge - I think it's been up and down for all of us so I hope this helps you.
Good luck!

Thea said...

Welcome aboard! And I have to say .4 in 2 weeks. Not bad, not bad at all!

Good luck this week!

Jan B said...

Welcome to the challenge! I hope that next week's weigh in erases this gain and puts you in the negative column toward your goal!!

Since I started on my own journey toward getting healthy and returning to a normal size (I started at 272), I have found that meals are like labor pains. Once you get past one, it doesn't really matter what you did to get past it -- it's gone. With the meals, I look at it like this: I could have had steak and a super stuffed potato or rice and seafood. The net result is that I am full and satisfied.

That's what has made it possible for me to reach this point (224), I know it can carry me toward my goal, which is still 74 lbs away.

Mama Bear June said...

Glad you joined us! It is a lot of fun having other people on the journey struggling with the same things and sharing the same joys!