Friday, June 29, 2007

Sewing for Dummies

Spent Mon. & Tues. getting sewing lessons. I think it shows in my two latests efforts! My mother used to sew all the time. She's made clothing, costumes(I'll try to find a picture) bunnies, bears, and countless dolls! She also has nice, smooth sewing Singer that has just enough bells and whistles to be helpful without being confusing.Being able to sit down and have her show me what to do and give me shortcuts and ideas of when it's not totally necessary to follow the pattern, was so helpful. I'll be able to begin my next project with much more confidence. Thanks Mom!

My patterns this week were Simplicity 4282 (pictured). I made apron "F" which is a plain half apron with a giant panel of three pockets. The pattern shows eyelet all around, but I didn't want it. I had enough of eyelet on the Victory Apron! Anyhow, this was the easiest, least frustrating pattern yet. I knocked it out in a couple of hours and with Mom's help made a strip of bias from a coordinating fabric. Very Cute!

The next one was MUCH more difficult. Took all day to complete, but it's so adorable I can't stand it! :) Not bragging, mind you...just a bit in awe that I made it! Of course, were it not for Mom's help, it be in a heap in the trash right now. This one is surrounded by bias tape. When I bought the bias tape, I didn't realize there was a wider version available. This is the skinny stuff and I stabbed myself numerous times just trying to pin it on, never mind trying to sew with a thousand pins in my lap! This pattern is McCall's number 3979 "American Hostess" which has several vintage style aprons.


keely cobb said...

i like that last apron.
i cant tell whats on it, but i
like the pattern.

Kellie said...

Thanks! :)

That's a floral pattern called "G.I. Jane" kinda camo-ish I guess. If you click on that picture, you can get a close up look at the fabric.

keely said...

who is your model?

Kellie said...

Ha! Ha! The name is being withheld to protect the guilty! This person also modeled the very first apron that I made. See if you can find her in the blog. ;)